Aircraft Operation Support

Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology International Forum hosted by the Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology Sub-committee of CSAA is an international business and technology exchange activity with certain influence in the industry. With brand-new civil aircrafts continuously launched on the civil aviation market worldwide, domestic civil aircrafts are also put into operation gradually. Therefore, civil aviation authorities, airlines, MROs, aircraft host manufacturers, aircraft system suppliers and aviation colleges will definitely face new challenges in flight engineering, maintenance engineering, aviation material supply chain, operation guarantee and airworthiness certification as well as in the aspect of formulation of industry policies and standards, development of cutting-edge technologies and exploration of business models. In order to help the industry understand the policy dynamics and gain insight into the market opportunities, the Forum provides a platform for information exchange and interaction with a view to pool the wisdom and efforts of the whole industry, timely track user dynamic needs and explore solutions, so as to contribute to the future development of the civil aircraft market.