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American Airlines Chooses Thales AVANT IFE for Its Airbus A321XLR and Boeing 787-9 Fleet

Dec 28,2021

American Airlines announced that its next addition to the fleet (Airbus A321XLR and Boeing B787-9) will have its in-flight entertainment suite provided by Thales (AVANT I.F.E). Yannick Assouad, Thalesí» Executive Vice President of Avionics said «We are really excited to provide these technology solutions to American and its customers.»

«We have been doing business with American for more than 10 years and we welcome their decision to incorporate the AVANT IFE into their aircraft,» he added.

These aircraft will be equipped with Optiq screens, also provided by Thales. American will be the systemí»s launch customer, which has 4K quality HDR screens and Samsung QLED technology. The dimensions of the screens vary according to the class:

Premium Class: 17-inch screen, with a 5-inch touchscreen controller. accompanied by a 5-inch touchscreen controller.
Premium Economy: 13.3-inch screen.
Economy Class: 11.6-inch screen.
Android operating system.
20 TB of data.
USB inputs.
AC power.

As an important part of the airline's consideration of customer engagement and loyalty, the development of the cabin entertainment system is very important to the airline's operation and is also an indispensable part of the IFC technology development. Under this background, the 4th Annual Connected Aircraft China Congress 2022 will be held on April 26th ĘC 27th, 2022, in China.

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