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SIMAERO & HNCA Establish a Joint Venture for Full Flight Simulator Engineering in China

Dec 31,2021

SIMAERO (Zhengzhou) Aviation Simulator Equipment Co.,Ltd, a joint venture of SIMAERO (Shanghai) Aviation Simulator Equipment Co., Ltd and HNCA Aviation Training Center Co., Ltd, has been established in Zhengzhou, capital of the Henan Province in China.

The new company will provide solutions for full flight simulator engineering to all customers in China (including HKSAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan). Services provided will include simulator relocation, installation, upgrade, troubleshooting, refurbishment, maintenance, repair, simulator parts/components repair and assembly, simulator technical consultation, qualification, technical status inspection and evaluation. The company has already formed its team of highly qualified engineers and technicians who are completing several projects with the support and cooperation of SIMAERO Engineering team in Europe.

HNCA is a state-owned training center in China operating Full Flight Simulators for commercial pilot training. It is the first certified flight training organization in Central China. It currently offers 8 simulator bays in the training center housing B737NG and B737CL simulators and develops further expansion plans. Its shareholder is HNCA Development & Investment Co., Ltd, which is a Chinese state-owned company investing in different fields related with civil aviation, such as air transportation, air logistics, aviation training, general aviation, aviation manufacturing, and aviation real estate etc. HNCA is shareholder of several airlines, such as Cargolux in Luxembourg, China Southern Airline and China Central Longhao Airline.

Both shareholders have confidence in the future of joint venture. A news release representing SIMAERO states: "As we know, professional engineering services of aviation simulation equipment is an important guarantee for commercial pilot training. Professional simulator engineering services ensure that the simulation equipment maintains a high and up to date quality of service to client, and results in high reliability and utilization ratio. With the continuous improvement of the certification requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the technical status of the simulator needs to be continuously updated to meet the latest simulator certification requirements. There are already important percentage of existing 200 full flight simulators needing necessary upgrade such as UPRT, visual upgrade, motion system, RNP etc. Due to site changes and in order to be closer to customers, some simulators need to be relocated. Professional relocation services are needed to ensure that the technical status of the simulator after relocation meets regulations and training requirements."

¡°The cooperation with SIMAERO provides important technical support for HNCA training center in technical team training, troubleshooting and maintenance services¡±, comments Dr. Deng Luhua, chairman of HNCA training center. ¡°At the same time, as a world leading independent third-party flight simulation training provider, SIMAERO has good relations with all key simulator manufacturers as well as major training centers around the world. SIMAERO can speed up the installation of more simulators in HNCA training center, provide the sourcing of the equipment, evaluation, continuous support, and improve the technical services¡¯ capacity in HNCA training center.¡±

¡°The successful set up of this joint venture with our strategic partner HNCA is a major step that shall enable more Chinese customers to discover and experience our engineering services which are provided under the highest quality standards with a total customer focus¡±, comments Nicolas Mout¨¦, CEO of the SIMAERO Group. ¡°I sincerely thank HNCA for the confidence they have for SIMAERO and for the important support in running the business in China.¡±
Under this background, the 7th Annual Civil Aviation Training International Forum 2022 will be held on May 18th-19th, 2022 in Langfang, Hebei Province, China.The forum subject is"Pioneering and Innovative,Leading New Revolution of Aviation Training"aims to introduce advance ideas and methods,share successful experiences,combine with that situation of the aviation division itself,to open up more efficient and more active training mechanism.

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