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Another Important Component of The C919 Large Aircraft Is Localized!Baocheng¡¯s Telescopic Cable Device Successfully Passed the Qualification Test

Jan 28,2022

IT House reported on January 21 that the C919 aircraft is a large civil jet aircraft developed by my country in accordance with international civil aviation regulations and with independent intellectual property rights.

According to the China Aviation Industry Corporation, recently, Aviation Industry Treasure has become an important project in the research and development of COMAC¡¯s domestic large aircraft C919.17 qualification tests completed for telescopic cable unit(6 on-site eyewitness tests by representatives of the Administration), all test reports and environmental analysis reports on flame retardant and mold have been approved by COMAC and the Shanghai Certification Center of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and 19 environmental tests have passed compliance verification.

This indicates that Baocheng has the conditions for airworthiness review and mass production delivery.Solved the problem of localization of the C919 wing telescopic cable device¡£

IT House understands that the development of large aircraft is an extremely complex project. Taking test flight as an example, so far, 1,694 test points and 34 approved test flight subjects have been completed, and a lot of test flight work such as natural icing needs to be completed.

Under this background, the 12th Annual Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum 2022 will be held on May 26th ¨C 27th, 2022, in Nanchang city, Jiangxi Province, China. You are welcome to participate.

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