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Vistara Upgrades Cockpit Connectivity on Airbus A321neos

Feb 14,2022

Vistara, the Gurgaon, India-based airline, is upgrading its fleet of Airbus A321LR aircraft with a satellite-based cockpit connectivity system from Cobham Aerospace.

In emailed statements to Avionics International, representatives for Cobham Aerospace explained that their AVIATOR 200S SwiftBroadband system is being added to four A321LR aircraft operated by the joint venture of Tata Group and Singapore Airlines. Vistara's selection of the AVIATOR 200S includes the addition of a Compact Satellite Data Unit (CSDU), Enhanced LGA Antenna with built-in HPA and DLNA (HELGA), and SATCOM Configuration Module (SCM) to their A321LR.

We are pleased that a prominent international carrier such as Vistara has placed their trust in AVIATOR S," Eiji Kawaishi, CEO, Cobham Aerospace Communications, said in a statement. "We have every confidence that AVIATOR will exceed performance expectations, leading to even greater market acceptance of this groundbreaking SATCOM system."

Compared to previous generations of aircraft satellite communication systems, "200S offers two segregated aircraft communication domains, an 80-times increase in data-transfer capacity, as well as safety services-approved ACARS and SATVOICE," the company said in a press statement announcing the Vistara selection.

According to Cobham, the AVIATOR 200S combines the provision of SwiftBroadband Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) data services with an Internet Protocol (IP) data pipe for the transfer of operational and flight data to ground maintenance and control facilities, or real-time weather and other flight relevant information updates to Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) or Flight Management Systems (FMS). Other features of the system include a Compact Satellite Data Unit (C-SDU) which is deployed with a phased array antenna with built-in Diplexer, Low Noise Amplifier (DLNA), and High Power Amplifier (HPA).

AVIATOR 200S offers interfaces capable of supporting future 4D Trajectory-Based Operations routing systems for continental (SESAR and NextGen) and oceanic use, according to Cobham.

"4D Trajectory Guidance is a primary application of interest where Cobham sees significant opportunity for growth in [Air Traffic Control] ATC efficiencies.  It will replace and improve legacy cockpit Safety Services offered by legacy network technology for Safety Voice and CPDLC data for ATC communications. Further applications would include data connectivity driven apps offered on Airbus FOMAX Platform," the representative for Cobham said.

The AVIATOR 200S selection for Vistara comes as the airline continues to report ongoing fleet and flight operational expansion. Vinod Kannan took over as CEO of Vistara last month for Leslie Thng, who is taking on a senior role with Singapore Airlines after four years as the CEO of Vistara.

Under this background, the 11th Annual Avionics International Forum (AIF 2022) will be held in the city of Shanghai on April 20th - 21st, 2022, focus on breaking through the key bottlenecks such as avionics system integration, cockpit interactive display, high-speed network communication and real-time health monitoring, focus on the research and development of core key basic components such as airborne embedded operating system, protocol processing chip and DC motor bearing, and catch up with the international mainstream technology level in terms of multi-functional display, aviation lighting equipment and cockpit control panel. Promote professional simulators and full motion flight simulators and drive the development of special software such as flight control, graphics, and images. Strengthen the construction of supporting capacity of navigation aircraft and UAV airborne system, to realize the platform, series, and large-scale development of airborne system.

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