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Hongdu Group Imported the First Batch of C919 Large Aircraft Parts and Aviation Materials This Year

Feb 28,2022

Hongdu Group, a subsidiary of China Aviation Industry Corporation, is the birthplace of the first aircraft and the first coastal defense missile in New China. C919 is China's first large jet airliner with completely independent intellectual property rights. Its front fuselage, middle and rear fuselage are all completed in Hongdu, and the manufacturing volume accounts for a quarter of the entire body.

"According to the delivery requirements of the C919 large aircraft contract, our company needs to complete the production of parts in early March, but due to the epidemic, the supplier has delayed delivery for nearly 4 months, leaving us not much time!" Cao Jun, deputy director of the International Business Department of Hongdu Group, was very worried when consulting the customs about the import of this batch of aviation materials. "If this batch of materials cannot be put into production in time, it will directly affect the final assembly of the C919 large aircraft, and we will suffer great losses."

If the enterprise needs something, the customs will respond. Ganjiang New Area Customs quickly activated the "issue clearing" emergency response mechanism, arranged for business backbones to intervene in advance, and "one enterprise, one policy" accurately guided enterprises to establish a reference catalog for the classification and standardized declaration of imported aviation materials, superimposing "advance declaration" and "pre-appointment customs clearance". and other facilitation measures, the whole process from declaration to on-site inspection, sampling and inspection, customs clearance and release is seamlessly connected, and finally guarantees the rapid customs clearance of this batch of steel and put it into production on time.

On February 18, the weather in Nanchang was sleet and cold. When the customs officers of Ganjiang New Area entered the production workshop of Hongdu Group again for on-site investigation, dozens of workers were proficiently operating high-precision CNC machining equipment, and they were in full swing for the production of large aircraft parts. "There is no problem with the on-time delivery this time! You see, with the escort of the customs, everyone is more motivated." Cao Jun said. Right above the workshop, the slogan "Let China's Large Aircraft Soar in the Blue Sky" is particularly eye-catching.

It is understood that Hongdu Group currently undertakes the manufacturing tasks of 7 C919 aircraft large components, and related imported aviation materials are being brought together in Nanchang from all over the world. The customs of Ganjiang New Area will continue to implement reform measures such as "declaration in advance", "release first and then inspection", continue to carry out the "I do practical things for the masses" activities, pay attention to the demands of enterprises, ensure the stable and smooth supply chain of the C919 large aircraft production project, and boost Nanchang High-quality development of the aviation industry.

Under this background, the 12th Annual Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum 2022 will be held on May 26th C 27th, 2022, in Nanchang city, Jiangxi Province, China. You are welcome to participate.

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