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Shiyan Wudang Mountain Airport Promotes High Quality Development with Smart Innovation

Mar 29,2022

Airport navigation lights use road corridor concept for the first time

On 9 February 2021, Wudang Mountain Airport ushered in an important day that deserves to be recorded in the history of innovation and development. Its independently designed and innovative product, the airport navigation light system, reaped a national utility model patent certificate. The project, which draws on the successful experience of the civil aviation and highway industries, is the first time in China to adopt the design concept of a highway steel bridge, and its lighting corridor structure, in terms of structural span, tower height and structure type, has set a new record for airport construction in China and abroad.

Meng Hui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Shiyan Wudang Mountain Airport Company, told reporters that since the airport opened, passenger throughput and flight movements have risen in tandem, achieving rapid development. In order to improve flight take-off and landing conditions, optimize flight procedures, improve airspace utilization, and ensure safe and stable airport operations, the airport officially launched a secondary landing instrument landing system construction project in 2018 to build a Class I instrument landing system on the secondary landing runway, and to transform the existing simple lighting system into a 720m approach lighting system. Due to the large difference in terrain outside the secondary descent direction, the traditional tower structure aids navigation lighting system needs to cross two deep ditches and a hill, the project implementation is difficult, the outermost tower and the new municipal road location overlap, it is difficult to promote the implementation.

Wudang Mountain Airport staff dare to experiment with the experience of highway steel bridge design, try to use a new type of assembly lighting with steel bridge program, that is, the light installed in the "pedestrian bridge" on the unique innovative way to find out. The scheme is designed by civil aviation visual aids to navigation professionals to provide the structure platform elevation, length, width, longitudinal slope and other benchmark design parameters, the bridge professional designers according to the relevant technical indicators for structural design, together with the completion. The new corridor structure has greater advantages than the traditional pylon structure in terms of construction investment, later management and maintenance, and maintenance of lamps and lanterns.

On March 11, 2021, Shiyan Wudang Mountain Airport's new secondary landing instrument landing system project officially started. After completion, the project will become the largest span, longest length and highest tower height navigation lighting corridor structure in China, which will not only greatly improve the service protection capacity of Wudang Mountain Airport, but also provide a new "Wudang Mountain Airport Solution" for China's airport lighting system.

Collaborative Release System Receives Software Copyright Registration Certificate

Previously, Wudang Mountain Airport relied on telephone calls for each departing flight to request a time. As the airport is located at the junction of Hubei, Chongqing, Shaanxi and Henan, the surrounding airspace is criss-crossed and coordination is extremely difficult. The inbound and outbound controllers of just one flight need to make five phone calls, which brings a great workload to the controllers and can also cause delays to outbound flights when the airspace is busy, affecting the airport's operational efficiency and passenger travel experience.

In order to solve the problem, a new, efficient and intelligent way of flight release application was created. In 2019, the airport purchased and installed the Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) system, which has achieved a qualitative leap in flight release efficiency.

There is no end to innovation, and the steps do not stop. Wudang Mountain Airport staff took the initiative to think, customizing and optimizing more than 30 functions of local attributes in the ATC CDM flight dynamic integration system, adding the temporary route statistics function and realizing electronic statistics of temporary route guarantee data for the first time; introducing the inbound and outbound flight sorting auxiliary decision module (AMAN and DMAN), realizing the use of computer to project flight landing time and automatic sorting, solving the flight Dynamic tracking problem; according to route operation mode, departing flights are selectively applied, and departure routes are more flexible, providing basic fortress support for thunderstorm detour flights in bad weather.

On 29 October 2021, Shiyan Wudang Mountain Airport Collaborative Release System (ZHSYCDMV1.0) was officially awarded the Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate of the National Copyright Administration of the People's Republic of China. After the installation of the collaborative software, the airport's release normal rate increased to 86.03%, up 12.57% year-on-year.

Mapping UAS carry out clearance patrol management

Wudang Mountain Airport is only 12.9 km away from the city centre, its net air protection zone covers the whole core urban area of Shiyan City, at the same time, the mountains and landforms near the airport have also undergone major changes, which has increased the difficulty and workload for inspection, while the steep hills and the deep forests where people are rarely seen have made vehicles and traditional mapping instruments helpless.

How do you get a comprehensive picture of the data on the obstacles in the NPA? How can we implement airspace management accurately and efficiently, and detect and investigate flight safety hazards in a timely manner? Wudang Mountain Airport, which is good at using technological innovation to solve problems, has given a clear answer - drones. Compared with the traditional clear-air patrol, the drone has the characteristics of convenient approval, safety and portability, controllable operation and safety control; data visualisation, efficient and intuitive, all obstacle data are presented in three dimensions, which is convenient for all-round viewing and later comparison and supervision of obstacle changes.

To this end, in 2021 the airport heavily purchased equipment, formed a professional team and the professional mapping drone system was officially put into clear air management. Up to now, more than 50 obstacles of all kinds have been inspected and 12 super-high tower cranes in two buildings have been successfully discovered, which promptly avoided the impact of super-high obstacles on the operational safety of the airport.

In order to meet the people's desire for better travel, Wudang Mountain Airport has seized the opportunity of the new round of global technological revolution and industrial change, and a series of high-tech and intelligent facilities and equipment have been applied in various areas of the airport. At present, the international terminal project of Shiyan Wudang Mountain Airport is under construction in full swing in accordance with the "four types of machine tide benchmark"; "full process self-service" services, self-service baggage check-in, face recognition for security check, two-dimensional code boarding and intelligent car park are debuting one after another; "Dangdang The "Dangdang" intelligent cloud robot is online, adding more technological and intelligent elements to Wudang Mountain Airport, equipped with the industry's most advanced intelligent cloud brain, providing flight dynamic enquiry, service information consultation, real-time positioning and map navigation and other functions to facilitate passenger travel; the flight area management department uses planting drones to weed the flight area, and the work efficiency has been greatly improved.

Under this background, the Smart Airport Development International Forum will be held on April 12th-13th, 2022 in Shanghai, China. The forum was hosted by Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, supported by Shanghai Airport Authority , Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District, organized by Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd. The forum will mainly focus on Industry New Policies Guidance, 5G and Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Mining and Internet of Things, Innovation Infrastructure, Business Automation and Personalized Service, Energy Conservation and Efficient, Passenger Satisfaction Enhancement
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