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Completed the Asset Transactions and Disposal of More Than 150 Aircraft Assets in the Past Three Years, Dongjiang Has Become the Largest Trading Center of Leased Aircraft Assets

Mar 29,2022

A few days ago, the project company established by China Southern Airlines Leasing in the Dongjiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone successfully purchased a Boeing aircraft asset package originally owned by an overseas leasing company--Gecas aircraft and leased to China Southern Airlines through a cross-border sublease structure to the Dongjiang project company and transferred aircraft assets from overseas to Dongjiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone. With the support of Dongjiang Customs, a series of customs procedures were completed in just one day, including the aircraft being returned to Dongjiang for export, returned to the country and re-declared for entry. This whole process was carried out without the aircraft actually entering or leaving the country, which saved the company considerable transfer costs.

This is another customs filing of customs filing of cross-border sublease structure after the operation of the first domestic Japanese tax lease to transfer to China's bonded lease structure by Dongjiang customs at the end of 2020. Transferring the overseas aircraft assets to Dongjiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone also showed the confidence of the company in realizing re-trading and circulation through Dongjiang in the future. This aircraft asset transaction business is also a microcosm of many aircraft asset transactions and disposals completed by Dongjiang. In the Dongjiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone, the landing of each aircraft leasing business is only the beginning of the service. For the links of the back end of the industry such as the management during the lease period, asset transactions and circulations, disposal of returned leased aircraft, Dongjiang has expanded the professional services at the¡± capital end¡± of the aircraft leasing industry chain to the ¡°asset end¡± by creating a variety of aircraft asset disposal models such as "leasing + trading", "lease + maintenance", "lease + modification", etc. These measures extend support for aircraft leasing to aviation-related real industries, continue to deepen and strengthen the "after-sales service" system of the industry, which contributed new "Dongjiang wisdom" to the development of the real economy of my country's aviation industry. The improvement of the industrial "after-sales service" system has further increased the confidence of aircraft leasing companies and airlines in launching new business in Dongjiang. In the whole year of 2021, Dongjiang has added more than 170 leased aircraft, achieving an "upstream rise" under the pressure of the epidemic.
A favorable industrial environment has become a new momentum for the development of the aircraft leasing industry. The transaction volume of aircraft assets in Tianjin Dongjiang has increased from nearly 20 in 2019 to more than 70 in 2021, and has completed more than 150 transactions in the past three years. Cross-border transactions, in particular, are growing rapidly, accounting for about 50% of the asset transaction volume for the full year of 2021. Cross-border asset transactions have not only become a pivotal approach to introduce domestic aircraft, but also promoted the return of overseas assets of Chinese-funded leasing companies constantly, which exerted a positive influence for Chinese-funded enterprises to master the ownership of aircraft assets and ensure asset safety. Dongjiang has given full play to the policy function advantages of the comprehensive bond area, and realized the free circulation of aircraft assets in both domestic and international markets, effectively promoted the connection between China's aircraft leasing and the international market, and taken a solid step towards building a "dual circulation" between the two markets of aircraft leasing.
Since the first completion of the bonded aircraft leasing business in December 2009, Dongjiang has become the world's second largest aircraft leasing cluster after Ireland after more than ten years of development. By the end of 2021, the cumulative number of leased aircraft in Dongjiang has exceeded 1,900. With the strong support of the departments like customs, foreign exchange and taxation, Dongjiang focused on the asset management of the aircraft's life cycle in the past three years, concentrated on the transaction and circulation needs of aircraft assets, and kept improving the matching setting and professional service of it. It has completed more than 150 aircrafts¡¯ asset transaction and disposal business, and has become the largest trading center of leased aircraft assets in the country.
Under this background, the Aircraft Value Management International Forum 2022
will be held on June23rd-24th , 2022 in Shanghai, China. The forum will mainly focus on new aircraft value assessment, disposal of old aircraft, aircraft leasing and operation, aims to introduce advance ideas and methods, share successful experiences, combine with that situation of the aviation division itself, to open up more efficient and more active aircraft management.
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