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uAvionix AV-30-E Indicator Gains Autopilot Interface Capability

Mar 29,2022

Bigfork, Montana-based uAvionix, recently acquired by DC Capital Partners, announced Monday (March 21) that its AV-30-E multimode indicator can now interface with select digital autopilots with its external magnetometer capability. A free software update for the non-certified AV-30-E is now available for supporting the TruTrak Vizion 385 and Vizion PMA, and BendixKing¡¯s xCruze 100 and AeroCruze 100 autopilots. Interface adapters are not needed, according to uAvionix.

The company is pursuing approvals for other digital autopilots, including the Trio Pro Pilot, and integration testing is underway. Interface adapters for analog autopilots are also on the development agenda for uAvionix.
The AV-30 indicator series will soon be joined in the uAvionix product line by the AV-Mag external magnetometer. With improved sensors, uAvionix says, the AV-Mag increases performance and decreases pilot workload with zero-drift magnetically slaved DG operation. Certified units, and corresponding software updates, will follow, according to the company.

Under this background, the ¡°11th Annual Avionics International Forum¡± (AIF 2022) will be held in the city of Shanghai on May 31st - June 1st, 2022, focus on breaking through the key bottlenecks such as avionics system integration, cockpit interactive display, high-speed network communication and real-time health monitoring, focus on the research and development of core key basic components such as airborne embedded operating system, protocol processing chip and DC motor bearing, and catch up with the international mainstream technology level in terms of multi-functional display, aviation lighting equipment and cockpit control panel. Promote professional simulators and full motion flight simulators and drive the development of special software such as flight control, graphics, and images. Strengthen the construction of supporting capacity of navigation aircraft and UAV airborne system, to realize the platform, series, and large-scale development of airborne system.

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