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Ezhou HuaHu Airport Project Selected as National Demonstration Project of Internet of Things

Apr 28,2022

Recently, the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of IOT demonstration projects in 2021, and Hubei International Logistics Airport Company Limited was selected for the "Smart Airport Construction Project Based on Total Factor Perception".

The project innovatively promotes digital construction with Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology as the core and digital construction monitoring as the grip. It also co-ordinates and promotes the construction of a safe, green and humanistic airport, implementing IoT technology applications including smart runway, runway foreign object detection (FOD) system, vehicle-road collaboration, smart sanitation and smart energy, and exploring a new mode of smart airport construction and management based on thorough sensing of all elements.

During the construction phase of the airport, HuaHu Airport pioneered the development of the most comprehensive construction information model data dictionary in China, forming a multi-dimensional information database containing a total of 35,000 components from 29 professions in three industries: construction, civil aviation and municipal, and creating an airport construction information model with a total of over 38 million components. Digital construction monitoring has been fully implemented, based on Beidou + 5G, supplemented by BIM, multi-sensor data fusion algorithms and machinery control technology, to achieve automatic guidance and precise operation of construction machinery, solving the pain points of the traditional construction process being opaque and difficult to guarantee project quality.

During the operational preparation phase, the airport has deployed more than 22 categories of nearly 70,000 positioning, detection and monitoring devices to ensure safe and efficient operation, based on the concept of comprehensive awareness and intelligent operation of everything.

"With the in-depth use of BIM technology to participate in engineering construction, the exploration of HuaHu Airport in this field has stepped into 'deep water', or even 'no man's land'." said by Liu Xianlin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and an expert in photogrammetry and remote sensing.

Under this background, the Smart Airport Development International Forum will be held inShanghai, China. The forum was hosted by Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, supported by Shanghai Airport Authority , Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District, organized by Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd. The forum will mainly focus on Industry New Policies Guidance, 5G and Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Mining and Internet of Things, Innovation Infrastructure, Business Automation and Personalized Service, Energy Conservation and Efficient, Passenger Satisfaction Enhancement

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