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Flexjet to Adopt GE Digital¡¯s Maintenance Insight Fleetwide

May 31,2022

Flexjet announced that it has adopted GE Digital¡¯s Maintenance Insight software solution for its fleet operations. Maintenance Insight detects aircraft and component degradation before even scheduled maintenance would catch it.

The Maintenance Insight program also generates analytics that can be used to help optimize performance and decrease inefficiencies that lead to excess fuel burn and carbon emissions, allowing Flexjet to reduce its carbon footprint while operating the aircraft.

¡°We began using GE wireless flight data transmission across the Flexjet fleet in 2019 and are pleased to become the first to adopt this new maintenance innovation as well,¡± said Megan Wolf, Flexjet¡¯s Chief Operating Officer. ¡°Flexjet owns, operates and maintains our own aircraft, and Maintenance Insight¡¯s powerful analytics will give our award-winning maintenance team even more tools to keep our aircraft in top shape.¡±

Maintenance Insight works by extracting full-flight data from each aircraft¡¯s sensors, enabling Flexjet to proactively identify maintenance and reliability issues. By generating data from every flight, Flexjet is able to identify problems that otherwise might not be caught until scheduled routine maintenance, avoiding unplanned downtime. This also enables aircraft to be serviced at Flexjet maintenance stations rather than at third-party service stations, so-called ¡°out-station events,¡± further reducing costs and delays.

¡°With the ability to also optimize performance and decrease fuel inefficiencies, this software will help us to maintain our industry leadership in this critical field, improving aircraft reliability and efficiency, protecting the natural environment and controlling operating and maintenance costs,¡± said Wolf.

Safety is the highest priority at Flexjet and goes hand in hand with aircraft maintenance. This announcement is one more in a long line of safety accolades and initiatives.

In 2021, Flexjet announced that it has achieved active conformance with the FAA¡¯s Safety Management System (SMS). In earning this designation from the FAA, Flexjet has joined an elite group ¨C only one percent of the nation¡¯s private jet providers ¨C to do so.

In addition to its 23-year streak as an FAA Diamond Award winner, Flexjet also holds the Aviation Research Group/US (ARG/US) Platinum Safety Rating, among the most esteemed aviation safety ratings. The biennial Platinum rating results from independent evaluations and a multi-day, onsite examination that compares companies against the industry¡¯s leading practices for safety.

Flexjet also maintains IS-BAO compliance at level 2, based upon a global, voluntary code of best practices with a safety management system. IS-BAO conforms with the standards and practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization, and compliance is the same as meeting an international standard of safety excellence.

Flexjet also was the first fractional jet ownership program to meet the demanding Industry Audit Standard of the Air Charter Safety Foundation, perhaps the most demanding standard for Part 135, and remains on the registry. Flexjet also takes part in the FAA¡¯s innovative Part 5 Safety Management System.

¡°A culture built around safety and service can never be stagnant,¡± added Wolf. ¡°GE Digital¡¯s Maintenance Insight is an innovative resource that will ensure we remain the most forward-looking provider of private jet travel, consistently at the forefront of aircraft safety, maintenance and Owner service.¡±

Under this background, Aviation Digitization Technology Forum Virtual 2022 is planned to be held online from July 26th to 28th, 2022, the theme of this forum is ¡°Focus on digital empowerment and accelerate the intelligent development and reform of civil aviation in China¡±, pay attention to the digital¡¯s maintenance insight software solution, fuel burn and carbon emissions,wireless flight data transmission,new maintenance innovation, maintenance and reliability issues, show solicitude for safety accolades and initiatives,best practices with a safety management system,the most forward-looking provider of private jet travel, improve aircraft reliability and efficiency, protect the natural environment and controlling operating and maintenance costs.

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