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AG600M Firefighting Aircraft Makes Maiden Amphibious Flight

Aug 31,2022

China's AG600M, a full-state, new-configuration amphibious firefighting aircraft, had a successful maiden amphibious flight on Monday, according to the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC).

The new-configuration aircraft taxied into the water from an airport in central China's Hubei Province before taking off. It then landed safely in a water reservoir following an 18-minute flight, said AVIC, the country's leading plane-maker.

During this maiden flight, the amphibious aircraft conducted multiple flight test missions and it was in good condition, AVIC said.

The AG600M amphibious aircraft made its maiden flight from the ground on May 31.

It is expected to serve firefighting missions in 2023 and enter the market in 2025, AVIC said.


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