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GA Telesis Signs MOU with CSAL

Sep 15,2022

GA Telesis (GAT) announced the signing of a new memorandum of understanding with China Southern Airlines Leasing (CSAL). The parties have agreed to explore and collaborate on the provisioning of services by the GA Telesis Ecosystem. CSALs access to the Ecosystem will provide comprehensive solutions related to Component and Asset Life Cycle Management, Asset Value Maximisation, Tooling Services, and Ground Support Equipment, as well as integrated processes that include the three MRO Services business units and GA Telesis Engine Services. The intention is to integrate with the GA Telesis Ecosystem in order for CSAL and its affiliates to maximise the value of their fleet.
GAT in conjunction with CSAL will collaborate to create a partnership with GAMECO, MTU Zhuhai and all China Southern subsidiaries, including storage, maintenance, cargo conversion, dismantling, component repair for various aircraft types, engine shop visits and engine parts support programs. Together, the enhanced partnership will facilitate engine teardown and trading through MTU Zhuhai.
The commercial aviation market in China ranks as one the most important sectors across all industry categories, said Abdol Moabery, CEO of GA Telesis. We have played an instrumental role over the past two decades and plan to use that expertise towards the successful execution of this partnership, he added.

Under this background, the Aircraft Value Management International Forum 2022 will be held on November 1st  to 2nd in Shanghai, China. The forum will mainly focus on new aircraft value assessment, disposal of old aircraft, aircraft leasing and operation, aims to introduce advance ideas and methods, share successful experiences, combine with that situation of the aviation division itself, to open up more efficient and more active aircraft management.
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