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IMDEA Materials Institute Helps Create Intelligent Sensors for Aviation Composites

Sep 15,2022

IMDEA Materials Institute (Madrid, Spain) is playing a key role in the development of next-generation aircraft sensor technology which will enable real-time monitoring of airframe components in flight. Such smart sensors, designed to be embedded within the parts themselves, are set to provide benefits in both cost and safety to the airline industry in the coming years (learn more about sensors in composites).

This, at least, is one of the goals of the European Union-funded Digital Method for Improved Manufacturing of Next-Generation Multifunctional Airframe Parts (DOMMINIO) project. One of IMDEA Materials¡¯ roles within this international research consortium is in carrying out the advanced simulation and experimental work required to develop the sensor technology, and in the creation of high-fidelity virtual models known as digital twins.

¡°They are called digital twins because they are very accurate digital models that are updated during the whole life cycle, replicating the physical part or component within the aircraft in real time,¡± IMDEA Materials researcher Mois¨¦s Zarzoso explains. ¡°Through its embedded sensor, the physical part is able to communicate directly with engineers on the ground. If, for example, you had an impact during flight from hailstones, information relating to any possible damage to the part would be recorded by that sensor and then sent automatically to its digital twin. Using that information, the simulations that we are developing will be able to analyze the risk that a potential impact could induce in the structural integrity of the component, and to determine its remaining lifespan.¡±

This research is being conducted via the Institute¡¯s Structural Composites group led by Professor Carlos Gonz¨¢lez. The role of simulation and modeling work in the development of sensors are said to enable researchers to push the boundaries of materials characterization.

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