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Collins Aerospace Demonstrates New Thermoplastic Composites Capabilities

Oct 17,2022

Collins Aerospace in Almere has produced a 7-meter raceway for the Clean Sky 2 MFFD lower fuselage using novel CCM and tooling technology while the Riverside facility in the U.S. advances AFP and welding as part of global strategy for more sustainable airframes.

Building a sustainable future is an imperative as aircraft manufacturers and airlines commit to reducing their carbon footprint. To support this industry-wide advancement, Collins Aerospace (Charlotte, N.C., U.S.) has introduced new and redesigned products to reduce energy usage, decrease aircraft weight, accelerate airframe production and improve overall aircraft quality. Through the use of thermoplastic composites, Collins is driving sustainability in new and exciting ways, including aircraft parts that reduce energy consumption during manufacturing and decrease aircraft weight to lower fuel burn, which in turn provides cost savings for the customer while lowering carbon emissions. These parts have the potential to provide:

Up to 50% weight reduction compared to metallic structures and 20% lighter than thermoset structures.
Up to 80% reduction in manufacturing cycle time compared to thermoset composites.
Up to 100% recyclability at the end of the part¡¯s lifecycle.

¡°At Collins Aerospace, we don¡¯t just have our eyes on a more sustainable future: we¡¯re building it every day,¡± Manten says. ¡°Through forward-thinking design, science-based materials selection and improved manufacturing processes, we¡¯re working to reduce aircraft weight for greater fuel efficiency while at the same time incorporating more environmentally responsible materials, like thermoplastic composites, into aircraft components.¡±Collins Aerospace Riverside, Calif., U.S. is expanding its capabilities, including new automated fiber placement (AFP) equipment and a welded fan cowl demonstrator by the end of 2022.

Under this background, the 8th Annual Aeronautical Materials and Manufacturing Technology Shanghai International Forum will be held on January 5th-6th in Shanghai, China. The forum is expected to attract over 300 industry leaders.Focusing on new materials, new technologies,green and low-carbon development and other industry hot topics. Concentrating on market demand and discussing the future direction of the industry. Cooperate and work together to contribute to the development of China's aviation industry!

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