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Dassault Rebrands TAG Maintenance Services; Fokker Consolidates Units under New Brand

Oct 17,2022

TAG Maintenance Services, one of the industry¡¯s major Maintenance Repair and Overhaul providers, has been rebranded as Dassault Aviation Business Services (DABS). The new name reflects the important place this European network occupies within Dassault Aviation¡¯s global MRO support organisation, which includes 40 factory service locations and 20 authorised service facilities around the world.

Concurrently, Dassault said it reconfirms its commitment to supporting multiple OEM brands at Dassault Aviation Business Services. The network has broad expertise with Dassault aircraft and other OEM brands built up over decades of dedicated service. The company originated as Aeroleasing in 1966 and was renamed TAG Aviation in 1998. TAG Maintenance Services was created following Dassault¡¯s purchase of the maintenance operations of TAG Aviation in 2019. Later, the business jet MRO operations of RUAG in Switzerland were acquired and added to the network.

¡°Customers will see a new name, but the commitment to applying advanced technology and the ultimate in service quality will remain the same as ever,¡± said Franck Madignier, president of DABS. ¡°In fact, since the acquisition by Dassault, we have invested heavily to expand to new locations, upgrade facilities and, as always, stay at the leading edge of the MRO business.¡±

Dassault Aviation Business Services runs full-service ¡°one-stop-shop¡± operations in Geneva and Farnborough and additional service facilities in Basel, Lugano and Sion, Switzerland; Paris Le Bourget; Lisbon, Portugal; Luton outside London; and Luanda, Angola. It also operates a major Fixed Base Operation ranked among the Top 10 in Europe, with two strategic locations on the north and south aprons of Geneva International Airport.

DABS offers a complete range of maintenance capabilities, including major inspections, airframe repairs, avionics and cabin system upgrades, paintwork, and complete interior refurbishments. Its Geneva interior shop recently underwent an extensive modernisation to enable it to continue offering a full range of top-notch completion services. In cooperation with the Falcon Command Center, the DABS Maintenance Control Center based in Lisbon can dispatch a GoTeam to return an aircraft to service as quickly as possible following an Aircraft on Ground incident, wherever and whenever it may occur.

Fokker Services, an independent aerospace service provider, and Fokker Techniek, an aircraft maintenance and completion company, have now rebranded to become Fokker Services Group. Roland van Dijk, Co-CEO of Fokker Services Group, said: ¡°Our mission has always been to provide flexible solutions that fit our customers¡¯ needs. By uniting these two companies, we bring together a diverse set of capabilities and expertise. As Fokker Services Group, we offer innovative total support solutions to the entire aerospace aftermarket.¡±

Fokker Services Group has five facilities across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The company will continue to deliver a wide variety of aftermarket products and services, including aircraft MRO, component MRO and programs, modifications, engineering services, spare parts delivery and manufacturing, as well as VIP and special mission conversions and completions. While the original Fokker Services and Fokker Techniek company names will remain for legal contracts, this rebranding unites the diverse products and services under one group.

Menzo van der Beek, Co-CEO of Fokker Services Group, added: ¡°Since the acquisition of Fokker Services and Fokker Techniek in March 2021, our teams have worked closely together to ensure the success of shared projects. Together, we are taking a leading role in the aerospace aftermarket, while focusing on innovation.

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