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Recycled Carbon Fiber Market - Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2022 - 2027)

Jan 16,2023

The growing demand for recycled carbon fiber obtained from aerospace and automotive scrap is used in the production of cost-effective and lightweight materials in various end-use industries.

High costs of production implementation are hindering the marketí»s growth.

Shifting focus towards the development of low-cost products and technologies is likely to act as an opportunity in the future.

North America region is expected to dominate the market and is also likely to witness the highest CAGR during the forecast period.

The increasing use of carbon fibers in aerospace industries, as well as the increased production of scrap materials containing carbon fibers, generally requires the development of new safe, and sustainable methods for recovering similar materials.

Recycled Carbon-fiber has replaced aluminum in aircraft to improve fuel economy.

Lightweight materials and structures allow military aircraft to carry more fuel and payload while in commercial aircraft, these advancements would primarily benefit lower operating costs through improved fuel efficiency.

Lightweight materials are used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the amount of waste sent to landfills. For example, The Boeing 787 was made 20% lighter and increased the fuel economy by 10-12%. In the case of the Boeing 787-9, which consumes approximately 5,400 liters of fuel per hour, and a 10% improvement in fuel economy.

Furthermore, in June 2021, United Airlines ordered 270 narrow-body aircraft from Airbus and Boeing. The order includes 200 Boeing 737 MAX and 70 Airbus A321neo aircraft to increase domestic capacity by approximately 30%. According to Boeing, 32,270 single-aisle (narrow-body) aircraft will be delivered globally over the next 20 years.Airbus has set a target of recycling 95%of its carbon fiber waste by 2020-2025, with 5% recycled back into the aerospace sector.

The fiber price is typically 40% less than the price of industrial grades of virgin fiber. Recycled fiber can thus provide comparable weight-saving benefits to virgin fiber at significantly lower part cost, making it appealing for automotive light weighting applications.

Under this background, The 8th Annual Aeronautical Materials and Manufacturing Technology International Forum will be held in Xiamen City,Fujian Province in March 15th-16th,2023.The forum is expected to attract over 300 industry leaders.Focusing on new materials,new technologies,green and low-carbon development and other industry hot topics.Concentrating on market demand and discussing the future direction of the industry.Cooperate and work together to contribute to the development of China's aviation industry!

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