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Aircraft Value Management International Forum was successfully held in Shanghai

Apr 7,2023

Aircraft Value Management International Forum was successfully held in Shanghai

With the development of China's civil aviation industry, the fleet of aircraft operated by Chinese airlines is getting larger and larger, and airlines are facing the problem of how to revitalize their aircraft assets and how to exit some of their "middle-aged" aircraft. Airlines are paying more and more attention to the management of aircraft assets, and how to manage their most important assets has become a question for many airline companies.

In the future, with the rise of China's aviation manufacturing industry, the importance of aircraft value management will also be further revealed. The successful conclusion of the first Aircraft Value Management International Forum in Shanghai on March 29th-30th also shows that the participants are confident in the future of aircraft value management.

The forum was organized by Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai Society of Aeronautics and Royal Aeronautical Society China (Shanghai) Representative Office; co-organized by Shanghai Member Work Station of CSAA; supported by Shanghai Leasing Trade Association, Shanghai Hongqiao International Central Business District Management Committee, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Economic Demonstration Zone, China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd and AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd; and organized by Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd. More than 20 experts were invited to speak, and the forum attracted more than 200 experts from airline companies, OEMs, value assessment agencies, leasing companies, international organizations, MRO companies and other units to participate.

The theme of the forum revolved around setting up four core topics such as fleet management and optimization, development and future challenges of aviation leasing enterprises, value assessment of main aircraft types and new aircraft types, and re-disposal of middle-aged aircraft, providing a professional communication platform of a larger scale and richer cutting-edge information for industry peers.

We are delighted that this event was well received by the delegates because not only it has gathered global leading enterprises in aircraft management industry, but also it involved many valuable topics. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the organizers, speakers, sponsors, partnered associations and media partners of the 2023 Aircraft Value Management International Forum. We look forward to meeting you in Chengdu in November of 2023.

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