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China-Developed Multi-Purpose Helicopter Completes Full-State Maiden Flight

May 15,2023

A brand-new AC332 4-tonne-class advanced twin-engine multi-purpose helicopter developed by Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd (AVIC) completed its full-state maiden flight in North China's Tianjin Municipality on April 7.
Purchase agreements and intention agreements for 24 helicopters were also signed with its first users on the same day.
The AC332 helicopter was developed based on the innovative demand-side concept and meets the latest airworthiness requirements issued in China Civil Aviation Regulations-29.
It adopts a single rotor, high-set ducted tail rotor, skid landing gear and clamshell-style rear cabin door and can carry 10 passengers.
With a maximum takeoff weight of 3,850 kilograms, the helicopter can fly as fast as 260 kilometers per hour and as far as 693 kilometers.
According to AVIC, the AC332 helicopter completed its detailed design review in 2019 and its spare part assembly and final assembly production line was built and put into use in AVIC's subsidiary in Tianjin in 2021.
The helicopter is expected to obtain the required type certificate in 2025.
The AC332 helicopter will be used in a wide range of fields like medical rescue, public law enforcement and offshore operations. It's worth noting that the newly-debuted prototype is expected to play a key role in high-altitude areas, efficiently carrying out such tasks as personnel and material transportation as well as search and rescue.
On this background, the 39th China Helicopter Academic Exchange Conference and the 7th Annual Civil Helicopter Industry International Forum is scheduled to be held in Guanghan City, Sichuan Province from August 23 to 24, 2023.

The forum will focus on the industry chain of helicopter, aircraft design and research, operation support construction, application scenarios, policy interpretation and market trend, emergency rescue personnel training, etc. The forum aims to accelerate the improvement of domestic helicopter industry capability and core competitiveness, and stimulate the potential of the domestic helicopter.

The forum is to build an exchange platform for OEMs, research centres, operational aspects, suppliers of raw materials, components, testing and maintenance, which is for cooperation, communication, and problem solution.

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