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There is A Breakthrough in New Alloy Materials, C919 is Equipped with Domestic "Reinforced Iron Bones"

Aug 15,2023

On August 1, COMAC officially announced that the C919 domestic large aircraft has successfully completed the certification and test flight work, and launched a charge for the airworthiness certificate. The domestic large aircraft is one step closer to commercial operation. Seeing the progress and achievements of the large aircraft, all Chinese people will feel proud and proud, because the successful test flight of the large aircraft is due to the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry to the mid-to-high end, but more importantly, the technological breakthrough in the field of key materials!
Whether the equipment is strong or not depends on the material

In recent years, China has made rapid progress in the aerospace field. From "C919" to "Shenzhou", from "Chang'e" to "Tiangong", these achievements cannot be achieved without breakthroughs in key materials.

Because aerospace vehicles are different from land vehicles, there will be huge friction during take-off, landing and high-speed flight, the temperature may even be as high as 2000 degrees Celsius, and the electromagnetic interference it faces far exceeds the ground. What's more severe is that the aircraft cannot be docked for maintenance as easily as ground transportation vehicles, and stability is also a key factor, so the requirements for parts and materials are extremely high.

After long-term investment and research and development, China has made a major breakthrough in aerospace materials, which not only have strong stability, but also can withstand the impact of rapid transformation of extremely high temperature and extremely low temperature. It also has good electromagnetic resistance, which can effectively avoid the interference of electromagnetic signals and ensure the stability of core components such as connectors during electronic signal transmission. With the continuous improvement of the technological level, the new materials are further optimized and developed to gradually meet the use of various parts and components, and develop in the direction of miniaturization, intelligence and high speed.

According to the published data, a large number of new materials are used in the structure of the C919 large aircraft, but they are basically monopolized by European and American countries. Not only are the prices high, but they are also monopolized by their patents.

Today, C919 new material suppliers finally have our own enterprises. They have finally achieved technological breakthroughs by investing a lot of money and energy, clenching their teeth and persevering. Wei alloy (Shanghai Stock Exchange code: 601137), is one of them.
Boway Alloy Materials Co., Ltd. (SSE code: 601137), hereinafter referred to as Boway Alloy (SSE code: 601137), is a high-tech enterprise located in Ningbo. It was established in 1993 and has gone through nearly 30 years of ups and downs. . Boway Alloy (SSE code: 601137) is deeply engaged in the field of new non-ferrous alloy materials, actively developing alloy materials with better performance, and has always been at the forefront of alloy materials.

Boway Alloy (SSE code: 601137)'s strong R&D and innovation capabilities stem from its emphasis on technology and its focus on technology. It has a number of national-level enterprise technology centers, research laboratories, laboratories, post-doctoral workstations and other scientific research and innovation platforms. The driving force behind the R&D and innovation of Wei Alloy (SSE code: 601137). In recent years, Boway Alloy (Shanghai Stock Exchange Code: 601137) has completed more than 50 innovative projects in the field of new materials, and has 185 patented technologies. Innovation has injected a steady stream of strong impetus into the company's development.

Today, the new materials of Boway Alloy (Shanghai Stock Exchange Code: 601137) are favored by Tyco, Luxshare, Samsung, Siemens and other Fortune 500 companies in the world, and it is also an important partner of China's aerospace industry. Not only domestic high-end manufacturing enterprises have high-performance raw materials, but also China's high-end manufacturing has the confidence and motivation to develop.

In addition to the application in core components and structural materials, the materials for aircraft landing gear and joint bearings developed by Boway Alloys (Shanghai Stock Exchange Code: 601137) are widely used in commercial aircraft. BearMet350 has excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and can maintain normal operation under high temperature and high pressure conditions, with low friction coefficient, small wear and longer service life. BearMet220 is an aluminum bronze alloy with high corrosion and oxidation resistance, and has very strong corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and water. In addition to the advantages of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, BearMet230 also has the characteristics of low magnetic permeability and high mechanical strength. These excellent properties just meet the requirements of aircraft landing gear bushings and bearings, so they are widely used.
In addition to the aerospace field, China's high-speed rail, which represents the country's business card, has also appeared in Boway Alloy (Shanghai Stock Exchange Code: 601137). Its high-conductivity and high-temperature-resistant material PWHC850 is applied to the traction motor of high-speed rail, which solves the problem of high-speed rail high-power traction motor. The problem of insufficient bearing torque has achieved the design requirements of traction motors with larger strategies and higher ambient temperatures; in the field of new energy, components such as charging guns, battery boxes, electronic control units, fisheye terminal connectors, etc., also use Boway Alloy (SSE code: 601137) new material.

The "little giant" grows up

Boway Alloy (Shanghai Stock Exchange Code: 601137) has made a breakthrough in the field of non-ferrous alloy materials after nearly 30 years of ramming and accumulating strength, and was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2011. With capital blessing, Boway Alloy (Shanghai Stock Exchange Code: 601137) has stronger strength and broader vision. It has continuously expanded its business scope around alloy materials and gradually realized diversified development.

Boway Alloy (SSE code: 601137), continuous innovation and development, professional focus, concentrated development, made achievements in sub-fields, and grown into a specialized, special and new little giant. And through company acquisition, the business scope has been continuously expanded and diversified operations have been realized, and the little giant has gradually grown into a large-scale listed company with strong strength.

New materials will lead the industry to higher-end development

Of course, Boway Alloy (Shanghai Stock Exchange Code: 601137) is not just an example, there are thousands of specialized and new "little giants" in China. It is also with the unremitting efforts of these companies that we can stand out in the technological monopoly of developed countries, seize opportunities in the complex market environment, and maintain our original aspirations under the "coercion" of profit-seeking capital.

With the continuous breakthrough in the research and development of new materials, there will be more and more products, stronger performance, and wider application range. Especially since the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan, China's high-tech industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for new materials has grown rapidly. Demand drives supply and promotes industrial upgrading. The new material industry is developing at a higher level. The breakthrough development of new materials has made our high-end manufacturing no longer "cooking without rice", and helped China's industry to transform to a higher end.

Some people in related fields predict that by the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the total output value of the new material industry will reach 10 trillion yuan, and companies in related fields such as Boway Alloy (Shanghai Stock Exchange Code: 601137) will also rise in this wave of industries. Rapid growth in the cycle.

It is believed that in the near future, the C919 will soar into the sky, fulfilling the Chinese people's dream of a large aircraft. Of course, our supporting industry chain is also taking off together. It is with the hard work and hard work, persistence and innovation of each enterprise that we have the national weapon that we are proud of. It is also with the mission and responsibility, perseverance and progress of each of us that we will have the rejuvenation of our nation!

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