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Shangzhou Logistics to add 737-800BC

Aug 31,2023

China-based Shangzhou Logistics is set to enter the air cargo space with its own-controlled 737-800BCF. A 2006-vintage 737-800 (35044, ex-Xiamen Airlines) arrived on Aug. 15 at the GAMECO facility in Guangzhou (CAN) ahead of its induction for conversion. It will become Shangzhou's first freighter.

The successful establishment of B-5159 marks a solid step towards the formation of a local cargo airline for Shangzhou and opens a new chapter in its transformation into a modern integrated logistics service provider.

With the introduction of an all-cargo aircraft, Shangzhou Logistics will gradually establish hub bases in Xiamen, Fuzhou, and Hangzhou, covering cargo routes across Asia and connecting to the global market. By continuously constructing and improving the air logistics network, Shangzhou aims to create an international air logistics hub, providing convenient and smooth air channels to facilitate regional socio-economic development.

Under this background, The 28th Line Maintenance and Material Support Conference will be held on November 9th -10th, 2023 in Gunagzhou, the conference was hosted by Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, organized by China SouthernTechnic and Gameco, the conference will mainly focused on the aviation materials management with more than 400 delegates represent.

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