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Homegrown aircraft rush to China¡¯s air emergency rescue missions.

Aug 31,2023

Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC).

The continuous introduction of indigenously developed aircraft is significantly enhancing the nation¡¯s air emergency rescue system, according to AVIC, the leading aeronautics company. These new models and advancements play a pivotal role in advancing emergency rescue capabilities, thus, ensuring the safety and livelihood of the population.

Further boosting these efforts is the country¡¯s 14th Five-Year-Plan (2021-2025), envisioning an improved national emergency management system via the enhancement of air rescue systems and capabilities.

AVIC has emphasised its commitment to amplifying the development of aeronautic equipment specifically designed for use in air emergency rescue, demonstrating major progress in several specialized aircraft for rescue missions.

A late addition to the Modern Ark aircraft family, the MA60 firefighting airplane, successfully completed its maiden flight in late July. This advancement marks a significant step in further developmental phases and is a leap towards obtaining airworthiness certification.

The MA60 firefighting aircraft, a medium-sized fixed-wing plane model, is designed to cater specifically to forest firefighting and other emergency scenarios. It represents a substantial enhancement to the country¡¯s forest fire protection methods and concurrently amplifies the emergency rescue system¡¯s efficacy, according to AVIC.

Similarly, the country¡¯s existing AG600 large amphibious aircraft have demonstrated their capabilities in performing firefighting tasks. AVIC announced in mid-July that its practical application has been verified, enhancing its reliability in firefighting tasks.

Known as ¡®Kunlong¡¯, or ¡®Water Dragon¡¯ in English, the AG600 aircraft family is developed to improve emergency rescue capabilities. Its ability to combat forest fires, carry out maritime search and rescue, and multiple other critical rescue missions distinctly positions it as a key factor in the nation¡¯s emergency response strategy.

Under this background, Aviation Emergency Rescue Annual Conference 2023 will be held on November 22nd-23rd in Langfang, Hebei. The forum was hosted by Emergency Rescue Branch, CSAA, advised by Ministry of Emergency Management of the People's Republic of China and Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China, organized by Beihang University.

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