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Jump to Lightspeed: Stratasys uses simulation software to create lightweight aerospace components

Aug 31,2023

The lightweighting of components is key to introducing new sustainable aircraft and spacecraft faster. 3D printed plastic parts can offer benefits in this area, reducing energy use and increasing the range of new aircraft. In November 2022, Stratasys announced that it applied simulation technology from Hexagon¡¯s Manufacturing Intelligence division to capture the behaviour of its ultra-lightweight Antero reinforced polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) and its additive manufacturing processes.

According to Stratasys, the adoption of AM for structural components has remained slow due to the safety-critical nature of the aerospace industry and the regulations imposed on parts. In the original press release announcing their partnership, Hexagon and Stratasys said that by providing engineering teams the simulation tools to validate the materials that will achieve the required part performance, they are supplying the ¡®missing link¡¯ which will enable designers to make breakthroughs.

Foster Ferguson, Global Director of Aerospace at Stratasys told TCT: ¡°When you start to talk about the dimensional accuracy and printing to what the standards are looking for, hitting those specifications is really important. Whatever we¡¯re testing, longevity, UV, heat, fatigue, whatever, characterising that data and giving it to the engineer is critical. That¡¯s why the Hexagon Digimat software is so important to the entire process. We want to able to give confidence with the technical proof on the back end of the print, that the tolerances have been met for the designs for the very unique spacecraft.¡±

Based on this background, The 9th Annual Aeronautical Materials and Manufacturing Technology International Forum will be held in Shanghai, China on December 6th-7th,2023.The forum is expected to attract over 300 industry leaders. Focusing on new materials, new technologies, green and low-carbon development and other industry hot topics. Concentrating on market demand and discussing the future direction of the industry. Cooperate and work together to contribute to the development of China's aviation industry!

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