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Yongnian Laser Metal 3D Printing New Products And Scientific And Technological Achievements Passed The Appraisal

Sep 15,2023

Large-scale structural parts in the aerospace field are usually single pieces or small batches. It is time-consuming and expensive to develop special molds. Additive manufacturing adopts a layer-by-layer manufacturing method, which has a short manufacturing process and is not affected by the complexity of the parts. The realization of rapid manufacturing of complex and large-scale structural parts has been widely valued and applied in the field of aerospace manufacturing. Starting from the manufacture of large-scale selective laser melting (SLM) equipment, the research and development of manufacturing technology approaches that can solve the problem of difficult or even impossible processing of complex structural parts in aerospace has become an important development direction and frontier hot topic of advanced manufacturing technology.

Since 2017, Yongnian Laser has realized that the additive manufacturing of rockets, missile engines and aero engines requires large-scale powder bed laser melting SLM equipment. The technology originates from the national "Ten Thousand People Program", the scientific research achievements of Professor Yan Yongnian of Tsinghua University and his team for more than 40 years of 3D printing technology. Yongnian Laser insists on the combination of independent original innovation and "industry-university-research-application" collaborative innovation, and successfully developed a metal powder with a forming size of 1000x1000x800mm Bed 4 laser selective melting 3D printing equipment, and won the "specialized, special and new" product certification of Jiangsu Province and the first prize of Jiangsu Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award.
On the basis of the successful development of YLM-1000, a new product development task was established in January 2021: multi-laser powder bed additive manufacturing equipment (YLM-1000-B) for aerospace large-scale and complex components. Over the past two years, Yongnian Laser has overcome multiple difficulties such as the coronavirus pandemic, and has innovated and developed multi-laser partition full-coverage redundant scanning technology, which ensures the efficient and highly reliable forming of internal components in a space of 1000mmx1000mmx1000mm, which can meet the requirements of aviation, aerospace, gas turbines, and new energy vehicles. , medical equipment, molds and other large complex functional structural parts manufacturing needs.

YLM-1000B is an advanced SLM equipment launched on the basis of . It is equipped with 8 lasers and 8 vibrating mirrors . The glove box can be opened, which is beneficial to fork out the formed parts in situ, which greatly facilitates the installation and debugging of the formed plate, and facilitates the powder cleaning operation of large-scale formed parts ; the heavy-duty helical gear-rack inching system based on the drive box ensures a load capacity of 10 tons Quantity, with inching high precision and high stability .
On April 15, 2023, the Jiangsu Provincial Machinery Industry Association organized experts to conduct a survey on the "multi-laser powder bed additive manufacturing equipment (YLM-1000-B) for aerospace large-scale and complex components" completed by Jiangsu Yongnian Laser Forming Technology Co., Ltd. Appraisal of new products and scientific and technological achievements.
The appraisal committee listened to the report of Professor Yan Yongnian on behalf of the project team on the research and development, trial production summary and technical work summary of the "multi-laser powder bed additive manufacturing equipment for large-scale complex components (YLM-1000-B)", and carefully reviewed the appraisal materials, Visit the site and ask related technical questions. According to the appraisal of the expert committee, the materials provided by the project are complete and standardized, which meet the appraisal requirements, and the technology is at the leading domestic and international advanced level .
Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the 2023 annual project application guidelines for the key special project of "Additive Manufacturing and Laser Manufacturing", clearly stating that there is a major demand for the integrated manufacturing of large-scale, complex and precise components and components in the aerospace field. Therefore, the new product YLM-1000-B equipment developed by Yongnian Laser plays a key role in the development and undertaking of national scientific and technological research projects in the next stage, and plays a key role in "connecting the past and the next" and technical verification.
At present, foreign manufacturers have turned the additive manufacturing of small and medium-sized parts in the fields of aviation, aerospace and new energy lightweight vehicles to larger scale and size applications. Yongnian Laser will aim at the international frontier of science and technology and domestic major equipment needs, and move towards a larger forming size, higher forming efficiency, and higher reliability, and lead the high-quality development of the industry with technological innovation.

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