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Great Aviation Requires Reliable Networks

Dec 8,2016

TTTech, one of the worlds leading suppliers of solutions for highly reliable electronic networks, especially for the transportation and automation industries, was emerged as a company in 1998 from the Vienna University of Technology. Nowadays, many international market leaders use TTTech products in production programs for the transportation industry such as in applications for the Airbus A380 superjumbo and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. The company has EUR60 million invested in research and development (R&D) together with various industry partners.

During Civil Avionics International Forum 2013 held in Shanghai, Carnoc had the great opportunity talking to Kurt Doppelbauer, Vice President - Sales, TTTech (North America) and Steven Ouyang, Country Manager of TTTech (China). Both executives expressed great confidence in its potential Chinese market opportunities as demand for reliable network solutions is doubtlessly going to boom in conjunction with the ever-growing aircraft and component manufacturing sector.

According to TTTech executives, as carriers expect the new generation of aircraft to reduce operating costs by somewhat 20% or even more whilst new regulations also contribute to increased pressure on aircraft manufacturers. Therefore, OEMs invest heavily in advanced technologies for cutting costs, reducing fuel consumption and weight. Consequently, the key potential for improved efficiency lies in new materials, efficient engines, more electric systems, and advanced system integration.

In new aircraft programs, data buses can be one of the key technologies to support a shorter time-to-market and improve program profitability. The time-triggered fieldbus TTP and its DO-254 certifiable chip IP have the potential to significantly impact the design of modern avionics and control systems. It supports the reduction of system complexity, thus lowering design and integration effort. Moreover, TTP facilitates data distribution between integrated modular avionics (IMA) and subsystems. TTP is already used in several aircraft production programs.

Additionally, onboard systems and sensors in aviation applications should be integrated in advanced architectures for improved survivability and high computing performance. System integrity and fault tolerance can be scaled to application and system platform needs. Future solutions support congestion-free transfer of large data volumes and can be used to integrate legacy networks. These products can be based on TTEthernet, a scalable, open, real-time Ethernet platform.

For Chinese producers, whether they are aircraft makers or component manufacturers, in order to ensure their product competitiveness and in full compliance with the ever-demanding regulatory requirement, they must opt for the best value yet most reliable network solutions that are being regularly chosen by worldwide players, thus TTTech considers China to be an unleashed market with fantastic prosperity while its keen in collaborating with Chinese customers. TTTech has an office in Shanghai, China.

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