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AVIC Xi¡¯an Aeronautics Computing Technique Research Institute Actively Promote the Process of Airworthiness Certification of Civil Aircraft Airborne Products

Dec 22,2016

Recently, CAIF 2014 was held in Shanghai, representatives from AVIC Xi¡¯an Aeronautics Computing Technique Research Institute participated the event and delivered a speech about ¡°Thinking and Practice of Airworthiness International Cooperation¡±, exchanged opinions with other experts at home and abroad about the development trend of product safety and economy and other related issues, which consolidated institute¡¯s good relations with global airworthiness certification organizations. AVIC Xi¡¯an Aeronautics Computing Technique Research Institute is now taking various measures to actively promote the airworthiness certification of civil aircraft airborne products.

Airworthiness, namely the airworthiness of civil aircraft, refers to a kind of quality on safety and physical integrity of the aircraft including the overall performance of its parts and subsystems and control characters in the intended operating environment and use limit state. Airworthiness requires that the aircraft design and operation always maintain the inherent quality of flight safety, must meet the standards and in a controlled state legal. Civil aircraft airworthiness certificate is the ¡°birth certificate¡±, is also the key for civil aircraft into the market and the embodiment of aircraft safety level.

Since 2010, aiming to the highest international standards, the institute carries out the AFDX switch in accordance with airworthiness international A-class product requirement, in order to enhance the competitiveness of their products and take this as an opportunity, create brand effect and improve the status in domestic and international market.

Through several years work practice the institute enhance the ability of personnel training, to satisfy the requirements development, design, coding, test team and quality assurance which airworthiness required. This laid the foundation for the operation of the system. And the establishment of R&D project system effectively support the calculation of the management, makes the airworthiness of multiple projects have achieved fruitful results.

At the beginning of 2013, FAA appointed representatives to the institute for the onsite review on the development process of AFDX switch. Combining previous multiple evaluation results, FAA approved the project software/hardware products and the development process are both achieved DO178B/DO254 A-class target. This marks the ability of the institute¡¯s independent research and development of aircraft A-class airborne and airborne electronic hardware.

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