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Laserdyne`s Naeem set to present on 3D laser systems for aerospace applications

Dec 22,2016

Champlin, MN - Dr. Mohammed Naeem, senior manager, business development for Prima Power Laserdyne, will make a major presentation at the China Aerospace Propulsion Technology Summit (CAPTS), to take place May 28-29, 2014, in Chengdu, China.

Naeem¡¯s presentation, titled ¡°Flexible 3D laser systems for aerospace applications,¡± will discuss the company¡¯s recent successes in applying its multiaxis laser system technology to challenging aerospace applications. These include drilling, cutting, and welding. Of particular interest are several new aerospace applications, including laser welding of compressor stator cascades and cover plates to the cast cores of high- and low-pressure blades. The presentation will also highlight applications for welding in airframe assembly.

Laser welding using the company¡¯s BeamDirector system, fitted with a high-power quasi-continuous-wave (QCW) fiber laser, delivers high welding speeds, reduced heat input, reduced distortion, operational flexibility, and the ability to weld dissimilar materials. The system also has utility in cutting and drilling for low-volume aerospace manufacturing.

CAPTS 2014 is the third annual conference at which global aviation experts from aero engine companies and their key suppliers, along with research institutes, will present the latest developments in the design, manufacture, and testing of aero engines.

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