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Five Core Technology Breakthroughs Needed In The Manufacture Of China-made Civil Aircraft

Dec 22,2016

"With the development of aviation products ¨Csafer, more comfortable and inexpensive, aircraft structure needs to develop towards the direction of large-scale, integration, lightweight and long life. Therefore, aviation manufacturing technology needs to be more digitized, precise, efficient and low-cost, which meet the demand of the cut -throat aviation enterprise competition and maximize the proceeds of aviation products. Five core technology breakthroughs are needed in the manufacture of China-made civil aircraft." said Mr. Shumin CHENG, Deputy Director of the Industrial Research Institute of AVIC XAC, at China Aerospace Manufacturing Summit.

He said," The development of foreign aircraft manufacturing enterprises has shown several trends. Digital manufacturing technology is widely used to improve the quality, shorten the developing cycle. More composite materials have been used and are manufactured in more automatic and low-cost way. Metals with high strength and toughness are widely used. Together with advanced efficient machining and precision forming technology, the precision of assembly and the structural strength are improved; Using lots of long-life connections extends the fatigue life of the aircraft; Joint manufacturing has become the trend of large-aircraft-manufacture.

"There are still large gaps between the comparison of domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing technologies, which mainly include three areas: NC machining has been widely used domestically in the large-scale structure component manufacturing; while the efficiency needs to be improved via popularized digital assembly techniques. The composite usageof domestic aircraft is less than 10% which means automated manufacturing is badly needed to cut costs. Low degree of automation in connection technology leads to the short-life of aircraft structure. We need to improve the long-life connection technology to maximize the fatigue life." Shumin said.

He said, "strengthening core technological research in Aviation manufacturing is required to improve manufacturing technology of the large aircraft, shorten the development cycle and reduce researching and manufacturing cost. It is important to China¡¯s aviation manufacturing industry. In the period of the 10th Five-Year Plan and the 11th Five-Year Plan, Xi¡¯an Aircraft International Corp hasmade researches on core technology of aviation manufacturing to make reserves of large aircraft design and manufacture according to the company¡¯s long-term planning. In the period of the 12th Five-Year Plan, we are focusing on "the development and production of large and medium-sized aircraft base", insisting on the independent innovation, getting the ability of developing 200 - ton aircrafts and highlighting the characteristics of the wing manufacturing and digital assembly integration ability.

Cheng pointed that, "In the future, breakthrough needed in following core manufacturing technology, highly-effective processing technology of structural components,digital cathetertechnology,manufacturing technology for composites structure,automatic drilling and riveting technology and assembly and large parts of the docking technology under digital environment."

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