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China's COMAC C919 Edges Toward First Flight

Jan 23,2017

China¡¯s efforts to develop a second airliner to boost the nation¡¯s economic competitiveness and prestige is slowly coming to fruition in the form of the C919, the inaugural flight of which officials expect as soon as late March.

Developed by state-run Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (
COMAC), the narrowbody has reached the early stages of pre-flight trials, including taxi and brake tests, according to a COMAC official who spoke with AIN on the condition of anonymity.

Launched in 2008, the 
C919 program has experienced a series of setbacks that pushed back its maiden flight and delivery date, originally scheduled for 2014 and 2016, respectively. Despite the delays, the narrowbody serves as a testament to China¡¯s ambitions to advance its standing in the aerospace manufacturing value chain.

As the 
C919 edges toward its first flight, COMAC continues to work toward gaining a production certificate for the ARJ. While the official said that won¡¯t happen until it builds between 10 and 15 airplanes, once obtained the certificate will allow the aircraft to undergo a series of upgrades, including a new avionics suite and better integration of its major systems. For aircraft already in service, COMAC will offer a retrofit.

Meanwhile, the wide-body aircraft project between COMAC and UAC will start early this year.Jianzhong SHI, Vice President of COMAC and Chief Commander of wide body aircraft project , will hare the experience of C919 first flight test and the progress of wide-body aircraft project on ¡°
8th Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum 2017¡± as the Chairman which is hosted by Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics and held on May 10th -11th, 2017 in Shanghai China.

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News Source: AINonline

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