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Sponsors' Onsite Interview on CAIF 2015 by Ringier

Feb 8,2017

Win-win Cooperation to Expand the Chinese Market
From their point of view, CAIF is a very important meeting for Chinese industry; Thales participates in the forum every year. Thales has a long history of development in China, for Thales CAIF is an excellent platform and opportunity to strengthen cooperation with the Chinese aviation industry and administration. Through out attending industrial conferences and customer direct contact, is also independently hold client meetings, listen to customer feedback, and product training and other forms continue to promote and publicize the company¡¯s products.

VIALA believes that China¡¯s aerospace great potential for development. The pace of development of China¡¯s civil aviation electronics is very fast, and has the potential to catch up with foreign companies. Stage of China¡¯s airlines, airports, aircraft and other growing rapidly, air traffic control, also plays an increasingly important role, Thales and other Chinese government and customers will have broader prospects for cooperation with the Chinese leader to further market expanding and serving the Chinese aerospace industry.

Domestic Avionics Industry Facing Unprecedented Developing Opportunities
MA Jinsuo, VP of Greater China of Esterel Technologies, considers that depth combination between industrialization and informatization is one commanding height in a new round of industrial revolution each countries will positively seizes when facing upsurge of global industrial transformation and challenge of new technologies. "Industry 4.0" by Germany, in fact, deeply combines information networking technology with manufacturing industry in production process. Meanwhile, "Made in China 2025" by Premier LI Keqiang has something in common with "Industry 4.0".

In MA¡¯s opinion, the avionics system research will become a bellwether of "Made in China 2025" practice. At present, for sake of a series of civil aircraft model like ARJ21, C919, MA700, etc., the development of domestic avionics industry is facing an unprecedented developing opportunities, which can help us know more about research trend of international civil avionics products, promote research ability and reserve related talents.

Innovation Shows More Advantages
When talking about CAIF, Mr. Kurt told us that TTTech has participated in CAIF since 2012; this year is the fourth time. He believes that CAIF is China¡¯s best avionics summit. Throughout CAIF, TTTech and Chinese customers can share their experiences, and to obtain other companies¡¯ information and experience, hear all kinds of voice from customers.

During the past few years, China¡¯s original equipment manufacturers have gained a lot of experience, including system and certification. In the future to be solved is how to bridge the gap between infrastructure needs on the basis of technical, certification and new avionics, TTTech has confidence in China¡¯s original equipment manufacturers, they will be more successful.

Making Contribution to Chinese Aviation Industry at the Historical Moment
Mr. Ingram said that China¡¯s civil aviation industry started a little bit late, but contains  huge opportunity, China needs to build more planes, so better infrastructure is necessaried.

Besides working with the COMAC, Aviage has Another focus which is applied and based on the existing Boeing 787 and C919 of IMA products on the system updated to meet the needs of the next generation of commercial aircraft. Currently, the R & D team of Aviage is developing the next generation of IMA platform.

Starting from the Top Needs and Focusing on the Situation
Mr. Zhou said, "CAIF not only provides opportunity for VisionMC to exchange ideas and communicate with domestic civil aviation related suppliers and related organizations, but also help us to grasp the future trends of the industrial development future trends."

VisionMC currently has cooperated with number of units and the aircraft industry, jointly conduct engineering application of systems engineering analysis and design methods related to the development of the practical work.

Working as a Part of the Aircraft Design and Avionics System¡¯s Development
Mr. Reagan considers that from the point of navigation, two key trends has shown on the current domestic civil aviation electronics market: the emergence of Internet technology will promote the integration and optimization of existing and future cockpit system functions, features a variety of aircraft cockpit connected devices, especially the connection between mobile devices and embedded systems are becoming increasingly important front display. In the global aviation industry, the introduction of mobile solutions cockpit surprising speed. How to grasp the opportunity brought about by mobile technology is the focus of Jeppesen and the entire airline customers are concerned. The second trend is that mobile technology to promote aviation aircraft operators and regulatory authorities to reconsider the cockpit certified and non-certified systems coexist solutions. In considering the future solution, authentication and non-certified systems interconnected exhibition exhibits a series of very interesting opportunities.

Opening up a New Growth Path of Avionics
Ron HO, China General Manager of Rockwell Collins, considers that although Chinese economic growth has slowed down, aviation industry will continue to rapidly develop under the promotion of the "12th five-year plan". Such as, development of local aviation industrial chain, implementation of new technology, etc.

Recently, ACCEL, a joint venture enterprise of Rockwell Collins, has opened, which indicates that Rockwell Collins has more confidence in China market and it has developed a new growth path.

Chinese Aviation Market Enjoys Broad Prospects
China is making great steps to develop and improve the performance of civil avionics, in China there are a lot of resources allocated to the avionics projects. Ms. Collazzo said she feels very happy to participate in CAIF 2015 in Shanghai China. Chinese aviation market has broad prospects, as the world¡¯s leading flight safety solutions provider, Elbit hopes to work with clients and regulatory partners to promote the development of China¡¯s aviation industry in the future.

Safety and Reliability is the Theme of Civil Aviation Development
"For Parasoft, CAIF is an opportunity to expand our business, a platform to make more business friends, and a stage to show ourselves in the civil aviation industry.  Such professional and authoritative forum like CAIF is not only benefit for promoting communication, strengthening technical and professional improvement for the industry, but also allows us to see the development direction of the industry. ¡°Mr. Wang believes that the aviation electronics, particularly security and reliability problem of software will always be the subject of development of China civil aviation. Over the past 10 years¡¯ practice we can clearly see that any impact of civil aviation electronic security, reliability issues should be resolved first. Combined with the recent emerging of civil aviation accidents, we are faced with new challenges. "

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