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Officials from Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and China Adult Education Associaton Attended China Aviation Training Forum 2015

Feb 8,2017

"China Aviation Training Forum 2015" was held in November 26 to 27, 2015 in Beijing. The forum is organized by China Adult Education Association, supported by General Aviation Committee of China Air Transport Association, hosted by Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd, co-organized by Civil Aviation University of China, China Civil Aviation Management Institute of China, Guangzhou Civil Aviation College.

Leaders of China Adult Education Association, Adult Education and Career Education, Ministry of Education, China Air Transport Association, civil aviation universities delivered speeches. In addition, domestic and international aviation organizations, experts, media reporters, a total of more than 90 people attended the forum.

ZHENG Shushan, president of China Adult Education Association

President of China Adult Education Association, Zheng Shushan delivered a speech about ¡°innovating the concept of development, making full use of advantages, creating a new situation for Chinese civil aviation education and training business". He said: "The forum is aimed to meet the need of ¡°the Belt and Road Initiative¡± development strategy, to Integrate resources, create in-depth exchanges chances for delegates to learn from each other, in order to develop high-quality, multi-skilled personnel, it can be widely used in modern service industry complex talent. I hope this forum will become a Academic exchange event for domestic and foreign experts to explore the aviation education and training industry"

Huang Hui, Department Head of Adult Education and Career Education, Ministry of Education, said: ¡°Because of the expertise and technicality of civil aviation industry, talent is the most important element during the development of the industry. With the rapid development of China¡¯s civil aviation industry, we need a large number of professionals to support the development of the industry.¡± She also raised several suggestions: Firstly, doing supply and demand analysis, publishing industry training report; secondly, docking industry standards and specifications development training institutions; thirdly, building exchange platform, sharing all kinds of resource.

Huang Hui, Department Head of Adult Education and Career Education,Ministry of Education

Yang Li, president of Aviation services, Education and Training Professional Committee of CAEA, also delivered keynote speech. He pointed out the theme of this forum: inviting academic experts, industry elite together, providing a platform for the development of civil aviation industry, offering personnel protection for the civil aviation industry.

After that, Yong Yue, Vice president of Sichuan International Studies University, Zhang Shusheng from Shandong Jiaotong University, Chief Representative of China Airbusiness Academy Caroline Liu also made attractive speeches.

Domestic and international aviation training institutions had a lively discussion. As Minister of China Flying Dragon General Aviation Co., Ltd. Gong Quan, Engineer from Beihang University Qi Yuan Peng, Mr. Daniel GORBOLD from International Civil Aviation English Association (ICAEA) talk about "talk about air services personnel training, technical training, specific issues such as the international market, and foreign exchange in contrast to the situation under the opinion, cleared the future development goals.

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