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Aero Electromechanics China 2013 Solemnly Opened

Feb 8,2017

The Aero Electromechanics China 2013 jointly organized by AVIC EM System Co., Ltd. and Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics (CSAA) and hosted by AVIC Qingan and Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd. was held in Xi¡¯an, Shaanxi during October 22¨C23, 2013. More than 150 experts and business representatives from over 60 units attended the forum, including the Development Research Center of the State Council, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Aviation Industry Corporation of China, domestic and foreign aircraft engine plants, electromechanics R&D and manufacturing enterprises, software providers, institutions of higher learning and industrial societies.

Gaozhuo LIU, President of Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics mentioned in his opening speech that electromechanics, as the main component of the airborne system, was a necessary for the aircraft flying off the ground. With the rapid development of the C919 air bus project, the incoming C929 project, new turboprop regional aircraft ¡°MA700¡± and the mushrooming market of corporate aircraft in China, as well as the development of all-electric and multi-electric aircraft, the aero electromechanics will undoubtedly experience an integrative and comprehensive development with focus on the energy optimization in the future. The Forum has pooled the wisdom of experts and representatives from walks of life to discuss about and probe into the cutting-edge technologies, future standards and latest development of the aviation and electromechanics in order to explore possible ways for the development of aero electromechanics industry.
Jian WANG, President of AVIC EM, analyzed the current situation and future development of the aero electromechanics industry in his speech titled ¡°Integrate with the World Market to Build the First-class Civil Aircraft Product Provider and System Contractor¡± and shared the civil aircraft industry development plan of the company, expressing that the company was expecting to join hands with partners at home and abroad in a more open way to promote the leaping development of the aero electromechanics industry.
The Forum themed with ¡°All Electric Aircraft Development, the Driver of Future Innovation¡±, also invited 18 distinguished guests from Civil Aviation Administration of China, United Technologies Corporation, Parker Aerospace, FED and Eaton Corporation and other work units to deliver speeches on the stage. Experts from different fields successively analyzed the current situation and future development of the aero electromechanics industry and technologies in an in-depth way. Mingjie MA, Deputy Director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, came up with his constructive suggestion on the settlement of the existing problems faced by the development of the aviation industry in China and how to promote the healthy development of the industry in the future. Mr. Roger Oliva, Vice President of the AIEE, Mr. Jingzhou ZHAO, Deputy Chief Engineer of Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, COMAC, and Ms. Wenjie HUANG, Deputy Chief Engineer of AVIC China Helicopter Research and Development Institute shared their own points of view on the application demands on the electromechanics of all-electric aircraft. Kaisheng LI, Vice President of AVIC EM analyzed the key technologies and systems of multi-electric aircraft and proposed solutions to the electric system and other key systems of multi-electric aircraft. Airworthiness certification, as the prerequisite of the internationalization of the home-made civil aircraft industry was another highly-concerned topic at the Forum. Yao LU, Director of the China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology and Zhongyan QIAN, Deputy Director of Airworthiness Certification Engineering Center, COMAC respectively made an in-depth report in simple language on the requirements of the airworthiness on electromechanics and the certification procedures for the electromechanics of transport aircraft respectively.
The Forum was intended to build a platform for exchanges by organizing a great variety of activities. Besides the theme speeches, the interactive discussion, one-to-one business meeting and roundtable talks also drew the attention of many representatives. The interactive discussion on the first day was attended by the top management from seven enterprises including Honeywell, the United Technology Corporation Aerospace, Eaton Aerospace, AVIC EM, CAIC JinchengCorporation and AVIC Shaanxi Aero Electric Co., Ltd. Topics involved in the interactive discussion included the technology introduction of joint venture, management skill transfer, countermeasures against enterprise culture integration and other hot topics in international cooperation, which provides a significant reference for the integration of domestic electromechanical enterprises and organizations into the world civil aviation industry. The roundtable seminar on the second day divided all participants into five groups, in which each participant could propose their suggestions for the all-electric development of aircraft in the future from different perspectives.
Academician Jun WANG from the Chinese Academy of Engineering spoke highly of the Forum in the closing ceremony, expressing that the Aero Electromechanics China 2013 had established a highly-efficient interactive platform for technology exchange and commercial cooperation and greatly promoted the healthy development and R&D of the aero electromechanics in China. 
Aero Electromechanics China is the only high-level forum for electromechanics of civil aircraft in China. The Forum with focus on the in-depth exploration of the opportunities and challenges faced by aero electromechanics and future development of the electromechanics technology as well as the demands of future aircraft models on electromechanics so as to provide a reference to the future development of aero electromechanics enterprises, has established a good platform for the communication and exchanges between as well as joint venture and cooperation of aero electromechanics enterprises both at home and abroad, and also played an active role in promoting and advancing the improvement and growth of the aero electromechanics industry chain in China.

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