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5th China Aerospace Manufacturing Summit was successfully held in Shenyang

Feb 10,2017

Chinese aerospace manufacturing industry has achieved unprecedented development with continuous policy releasing from government and gradual cooperation deepening between enterprises. At 5th China Aerospace Manufacturing Summit which is organized by Liaoning Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd., C919 verification and civil aircraft testing have drawn great attention. LI Xianping, Deputy Chief Designer of C919 Aircraft of COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, communicated with attendees regarding Development of C919 Aircraft and Commercial Aircraft. Besides, WANG Wei, Chief Engineer of COMAC Flight Test Center, addressed on the topic of Development Trend and Countermeasures for Flight Test of Civil Aircraft where he indicated that flight test referred to all sorts of tests performed in real flight environment. In China, the flight test program and equipment for civil aircraft, especially large civil aircraft, still stays in the phase of research and exploration. In this report, Mr. Wang probed into the current status and development tendency of flight test technologies at home and abroad from the perspective of flight testĄŻs characteristics of civil aircraft, and gave a brief description of the establishment of flight test system for civil aircraft according to flight test features of civil aircraft.

As the heart of aircraft, aero engine is honored as "star of industry" which directly influences performance, reliability and economy of aircraft. There was no doubt that aero engine became a hot topic at this summit. In the speech, Technical Application of the Design of Civil Aero Engine Components, LI Jun who was Deputy Chief Director of AVIC Shenyang Engine Design Research expressed himself that since the 1960s, turbofan engine gradually replaced turbojet engine, becoming the main power unit of civil aircraft. Almost all of modern civil aircraft unexceptionally chose large bypass ratio turbofan engine because increasing bypass ratio within the scope of high speed/high pressure was not only beneficial to reduce the specific fuel consumption, but also to reduce the jet noise. LIANG Yangmin, Super Expert of AVIC XiĄŻan Aero-Engine(Group) Ltd., launched a discussion about current development status of aero-engine manufacturing technology, advanced manufacturing technologies of typical aero-engine parts and future demands for advanced manufacturing technologies of aero-engine.

2014 has witnessed helicopter cooperation project between China and France, which aroused wide attention from domestic and foreign aerospace industry. It was honor of summit organizing committee to invite Cl¨Śment MONNET, Chief of Staff Airbus Helicopters(hereinafter "AH") China, to deliver a speech that Cooperation between France and China---Work together to Build Medium Size Helicopter. After abstract of his professional background, Mr. MONNET introduced cooperationĄŻs on EC 120 & EC 175 between AH and AVIC. Then he show history of AH and China including first sale in China in 1867, AH Rep Office opening in Beijing in 2004, AH China creation in Shanghai in 2007 and EC 175/AC 352 1,000 production contract signing in 2014. Moreover, Mr. MONNET presented development mode of EC 175 helicopter. At the summit, he also indicated that there would be a continuing increase of China involvement in partnership to ensure win-win situation.

This summit has lasted for two days which has gathered almost all of domestic and foreign design manufacturers of aircraft and parts. It is said that next China Aerospace Manufacturing Summit will be held in Shanghai in May, 2015.

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