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Civil Avionics International Forum 2015 Was Successfully Held in Shanghai

Feb 10,2017

During April 21st-22rd, Civil Avionics International Forum 2015 was successfully held in Shanghai. Over 350 elites including government officials, industrial association members, scientific institute experts, college teachers and students and enterprise decision makers attended. For sake of international civil aircraft safety situation in 2014, safety and reliability of civil avionics drew more attention. Under the background, theme of this event was named as More Reliable, More Safety, NextGen Avionics.

This forum was approved by China Association for Science and Technology, organized by Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Chinese Aeronautical Establishment, hosted by National Center of ATC Surveillance and Communication System Engineering Research, CETC Avionics Co., Ltd., AVIAGE Systems and AVIC Radio Electronics Research Institute, co-organized by State Key Laboratory of Civil Aircraft Flight Simulation and Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd. WU Song, Secretary General of Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics attended the forum and gave an opening address.

On the first day of forum, SHI Jianzhong, Vice President of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China(COMAC) delivered a speech - Requirements for the Development of Civil Aircraft Avionics through three parts which were developing history of civil avionics technology, COMAC practices and future of civil avionics technology. SHI said, "Avionics system is so important that it is like brain and nerve of aircraft. It can combine other basic science, such as engineering informatics, computer science, informatics, control science, environmental science, etc. Total civil aircraft avionics system cost occupies more than 40% in the whole aircraft cost."

Then, Julian K CHANG, Associate Technical Fellow, Lighting & Sensor Lead, 787 Electrical Subsystems from the Boeing Company expressed himself in his speech that flight deck display and enhanced vision system(hereinafter referred as "EVS") could improve flight safety. Advanced situation sensory ability offered by EVS reduced pilotsí» pressure and fatigue which could make flight safer.

In the afternoon, topics were around "Next Generation Airspace Solutions Enhancing Operational Safety and Efficiency", "Aircraft Avionics System to Enhance the Ability of Monitoring on the Assumption", "Civil Aircraft Flight Control System Design Consideration and Development Demand".

Flight control system aimed to fly safely and to make pilots gain expected control characteristics. Flight control system was the key of flight and safety. Vice President, SHI Pengfei, from AVIC Xií»an Flight Automatic Control Research Institute delivered a speech with topic "Civil Aircraft Flight Control System Design Consideration and Development Demand". SHI referred that flight control should strengthen its design on functionality, safety, economy and comfort to meet requirements on civil aircraft - More safety, more economic, more comfort and more environmental.

On the second day of forum, the experts and leaders gave some speeches with topics about "Aviation Safety Challenge & Avionics Evolution", "Application of ADS-B Technology, to Ensure Civil Aircraft Flight Safety", "Avionics for Future Platforms", etc. ZHANG Zhien, Chief Specialist from National Center of ATC Surveillance and Communication System Engineering Research, indicated that avionics system had been developing from distributed analogue, distributed digital, data bus to IMA. When it became more advanced and comprehensive, it became more safety.

LI Junming, Chief Engineer of China Eastern Airlines Technic Co., Ltd., delivered a speech as the topic "
Application of ADS-B Technology, to Ensure Civil Aircraft Flight Safety " through four parts including ADS-B introduction, the contribution ADS-B makes in aviation field, worldwide application situation of ADS-B and ADS-B application situation of China Eastern Airlines. LI showed ADS-B which boasted many kinds was able to surveille information timely, which led pilots and air administration assess flight situation more accurately and comprehensively in order to avoid conflicts and ensure flight safety.

In the afternoon, as moderator of panel discussion "NextGen Avionics: How to Ensure Flight More Reliable and More Safety", Paul NEF with other seven panelists (CAI Yong, Julian CHANG, YE Junhui, Douglas P. SCHEON, LIU Tianhua, David MATTHEWS, TANG Hengren) joined in this panel. All of them gave their insights, which made the discussion wonderful and valuable. Besides, this forum increased excellent thesis presentation part. CHEN Junjie, Engineer of CETC Avionics Co., Ltd., showed in "Excellent Thesis: Design for Meteorological Information System of Low-altitude Air Traffic Management" that for the features of complex low-altitude flight and special mechanism for airspace division in China, demand analysis for meteorological information of low-altitude ATM is conducted, the functions and architectures of  meteorological subsystem are designed. This subsystem provide meteorological information service for the general aviation pilots, aircraft operations, ATM departments, airports and other aviation related departments, and it also can ensure low-altitude air safety and improve low-altitude flight efficiency. At the end of forum, WANG Guoqing, Chief Designer of Civil Avionics from AVIC Avionics Systems Co., Ltd. and Senior Specialist from AVIC Radio Electronics Research Institute gave  closing remarks.

Besides speeches, the forum also enjoyed one-to-one meeting, media interview, onsite reports, etc. The forum invited Xinhua News Agency, China Business Network Co.,Ltd., Wenhui Bao, Jiefang Daily, Science and Technology Daily, Shanghai Daily, CAAC NEWS, Jetliner Magazine, Aerospace Manufacturing and Design China Magazine. Xinhua News Agency had filmed the forum and interviewed CHEN Lei, MA700 Avionics Directing Designer of AVIC Xií»an Aircraft Industry (Group) Company.

This forum had attracted over 350 elites by speeches, one-to-one meeting, exhibition, panel and thesis publication. Various parts of forum gave a profound insight of China avionics industrial distribution and China avionics developing trend. See you in CAIF 2016!

Xinhua News Agency Report:

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