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What is the first step of "Made in China 2025" in aviation industry?

Feb 10,2017

The first hot word for this year is probably "Made In China 2025¡±. As one of the paramount strategies for the next decade regarding the industrial development in China, this policy focuses on following the development trend of so-called "Internet+¡± and requests a high level of integration of informatisation and industrialisation. Keywords like "innovation-driven¡±, "informatisation and intelligentisation¡± has drawn wide attentions globally as a new industrial revolution is approaching.

Aviation manufacturing industry(AMI), which becomes one of the ten listed key industries, is currently facing a drastic change in China, and discussions over how to integrate information with industrial production have yet reached any solutions. AVIC and COMAC, two giants in AMI in China, have marched their own ways in how to make their production more "intelligent¡±.

In order to promote the understanding of "Made In China 2025¡± and its impacts on AMI, Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics is preparing for the upcoming Aviation Industry Informatization Summit 2015 which is planned to be held in Beijing this November. Please keep in touch with our marketing group, from
marketing@galleon.cc to explore more about Aero Info 2015 now.

¡¾Organising Committee¡¿

Organised By Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Hosted By Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd
¡¾Advisory Group¡¿
Xionghua YAO Deputy Chief Designer of AVIC Aircraft Research and Development Centre
Head of IPT Group
Xi QIU Chief Technologist of MA700 Project, AVIC Xi¡¯an Aircraft Industry Co.,
Vice Head of IPT Group

¡¾Concentrated Topics¡¿

•    The status quo of civil aviation manufacturing industry and future development trend
•    Foundation of information interaction system and integration of design and fabrication
•    Supplier management system of modern aircraft OEM
•    Customer support system and customer information maintenance
•    Enterprise data process
•    Engineering-supporting software and appliance
•    Digital processing technology and new embedded units of traditional machine tool

¡¾Past Keynote Speakers¡¿

Introduction Of "Industry 4.0¡± And Its Impact On Aviation Manufacturing Industry
Dr. Stefan BERNDES Head of Air Transport, Equipment and Materials, German Aviation Industry Association (BDLI)
Integration Of Designing And Fabrication In New Generation MA-Series Aircraft
Xi QIU Chief Technologist of MA700 Project, AVIC Xi¡¯an Aircraft Industry Co.,
A Glance At Manufacturing-Oriented Intelligent Integrated Perception System
Qiang GUO Deputy Director, AVIC Intelligent Measurement Co., Ltd.
Digitalisation For R&D Project Of Complex High-end Product - Introduction To R&D For Digitalisation Of Large Civil Aircraft
Wenjie Wang Deputy Director, COMAC Information Centre

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