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World's Largest Amphibian Aircraft AG600 Completes First Engine Runs

Feb 28,2017

State-owned AVIC General Aircraft Company Tuesday said it has completed first engine runs on all four engines powering its AG600, the world's largest amphibian aircraft.

The first prototype of the AG600, serial number 001, rolled off a production line in the southern city of Zhuhai last July, and has since undergone a series of rigorous tests.

Between Feb. 11 and 13, all four of its engines performed excellently in tests, according to the manufacturer.
The AG600 is expected to make its first flight in the first half of 2017, two years after the originally-planned 2015.

With a maximum take-off weight of 53.5 tonnes and a maximum range of around 5,000 kilometers, the AG600 is intended for fighting forest fires and performing marine rescues. It also can absorb 12 tonnes of water within 20 seconds.

The AVIC General Aircraft Company has won 17 intent orders for the amphibious aircraft AG600, including two at 2014 Zhuhai Air Show.

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News Source:Aviation Daily

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