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Rolls-Royce Unveils New Maintenance System

Mar 29,2017

Engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce is to introduce a new maintenance system for users of its TotalCare aftermarket maintenance and support program.

Two years ago, the UK-based company opened an operational center at its Derby headquarters to oversee maintenance activities worldwide, with particular emphasis on solving aircraft on ground situations rapidly.

As a result of early experience, it has now deployed that expertise into the field in five regions - Asia-Pacific, Greater China, Middle East and Africa, Europe and the Americas.

It is now replacing the central operational center with a new "availability center" in Derby that will have an oversight role over the five deployed teams.

Among its roles will be that of quality control among the deployed teams, to ensure consistency in their output: "We don't want the regional teams developing new capabilities by themselves," said Tom Palmer, SVP-services in the company's civil aerospace division. It will also act as a learning hub, ensuring that lessons learned in one of the regions are disseminated across all five.

Whereas the operational center was more focused on urgent engineering problems facing Rolls-Royce powered airlines, the availability center would act as a capacity planning center, ensuring the right people and parts were in the right place at the right time, Palmer said.

It will become operational in May.

Meanwhile, the company is putting the final touches to a new cooperative arrangement with Boeing to maintain low-cost carrier Norwegian's Boeing 787s.

The airline has signed up with Boeing's GoldCare aftercare program, while Rolls-Royce's TotalCare has been assigned the responsibility for the aircraft's Trent engines.

"GoldCare and TotalCare weren't designed to work together," Palmer said. However, the engine manufacturer had realized that the two systems had to co-exist in order for the airline to get the maximum benefit from its investment in the two aftermarket programs: "The engine [maintenance] activities have to fit within the [overall] aircraft plan."

With that in mind, Rolls-Royce had been working very closely with both airframer and airline to put in place the necessary interfaces and working relationships, he said. The system is scheduled to come into effect in April.

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