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Honeywell¡¯s APU is now standard on all Airbus A320s

Mar 29,2017

On the 21st of March, Airbus has designated the Honeywell (NYSE: HON) 131-9A auxiliary power unit (APU) as standard equipment for its A320 family of aircraft ¨C it is no longer just a selectable option for airlines.

Honeywell's APU is now recognised as the gold standard for the A320 family that provides significant fuel savings and demonstrated reliability.

"Reducing operating costs while offering customers the best air travel experience possible continues to be key for airlines," Brian Sill, president, Engines and Power Systems, Honeywell Aerospace, said.

"Together, Honeywell and Airbus are offering A320 series customers an APU with best-in-class operational efficiency enabling more efficient, safe and comfortable travel experience for airline passengers," Sill added.

Honeywell recently shipped its 5,000th 131-9A APU. This puts the number of production APUs from the 131-9 family at more than 11,000 units, with more than 100 million total flight hours.

The 131-9 series APU has been selected by airlines for the majority of narrow-body aircraft. Its proven reliability helps reduce delays and flight cancellations, allowing airlines to stay on schedule so that their customers can reach their destinations on time.

Honeywell Aerospace services provide the support needed on the ground and in the air to manage fleets, safely and efficiently plan routes, service aircraft and more. 

Honeywell Aerospace services  has confirmed that attend Civil Avionics International Forum 2017 as one of the organizers. The annually ¡®Civil Avionics International Forum¡¯ which will be held in Shanghai, on April 18th - 19th, 2017.More than 400 industry experts from official governments, industry organizations, Aircraft OEMs, avionics research institutes, leading avionics suppliers and universities will participate in this forum.

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