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C919 completes final ground test, closer to first flight

Apr 26,2017

Chinas homegrown commercial jet COMAC C919 has completed a series of high-speed taxi tests which bring the much-anticipated commercial jet closer to its maiden flight. The first test was taken on April 16, 2017, and the fourth test was performed on April 23, 2017, at Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG). According to CNN Money, the April 23 test is the final ground trial for C919, and COMAC is expecting to fly the aircraft before the end of May 2017.

Previously, the CFM LEAP-1C powered aircraft reportedly reached a top speed of around 248 kilometers per hour in the first high-speed taxi test. Local media reported that during the first test, the jet completed most of the ground-based pre-flight evaluations, including low-speed and medium-speed taxiing tests, to examine the whole aircraft and its key components and connecting parts.

In February 2017,the Commercial Aircraft Corp. Of China (COMAC) stated that within the first half of the year C919 passenger jet is expected to make its maiden flight. Philippe Petitcolin, CEO of Safran, told media that C919 might take its first flight in the end of April 2017.

The narrow-body aircraft, accommodating 156-168 passengers, aims to compete with Boeing 737 and Airbus A320. While China seeks to be in the first position as a global aircraft supplier, the C919 jet is a key symbol of such ambitions.

The aircraft is due to launch its first flight with China Eastern Airlines. COMAC previously stated that it had received 570 orders for the C919 aircraft from 23 customers. The aircraft is scheduled for the first delivery in 2019.

With the latest test result, COMACs strive for C919s first flight might meet expectation soon. According to COMAC, the potential market for the C919 is estimated at around 650 billion yuan ($96 billion). However, an analysis of Ishka Global stated that for the success of the program COMAC has to focus on such after-market infrastructures as MRO services and spare parts availability.

In order to support COMACs new aircraft, for the large MRO services and spare parte market in China as well, COMAC Shanghai Customer Service Center Co, Ltd will associate with China Eastern Airlines to host 2017 Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology International Forum, which will focus on after market service of new aircraft in China such as B787-9, A320neo, C919, ARJ21. The topics will including after-sales service strategy, network maintenance and support system construction, service data accumulation and monitoring, supply chain management and supply chain Shared libraries.

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