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Boeing Breaks Ground on China's 737 Completion and Delivery Center

May 15,2017

 Boeing has broken ground on a 737 completion and delivery center in Zhoushan, China, which is in the Zhejiang Province, as the US manufacturer seeks to expand its global footprint and strategic partnership with China.


As Boeing's first overseas factory, the completion and delivery center is scheduled to go into formal operation in 2018 and be ready for aircraft delivery by the end of 2018. The delivery center is expected to deliver 8-10 aircraft every month and about 100 aircraft every year.\


Last October, Boeing signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China (COMAC) and the Zhejiang provincial government in Hangzhou for the center.


According to Boeing, the 737 completion center is a joint venture with COMAC while the delivery center is wholly owned by Boeing. The completion and delivery center covers a total area of 40 hectares (99 acres) and includes a manufacturing hangar, paint hangar, delivery center office building, MRO hangar, fire station and storage facilities.

Industry analysts cited the "huge potential of Chinese market" as the main reason for the center. To date, about one-fifth of globally produced narrowbody aircraft will be delivered to China.


Similarly, Airbus broke ground on an A330 completion and delivery center in China last year, in addition to an A320 final assembly line opened in Tianjin in 2008.


Not only B737,A330, A320, Recently, there are several new aircrafts brought into China market. In order to support these new aircrafts aftermarket service, COMAC Shanghai Customer Service Center Co, Ltd will associate with China Eastern Airlines to host 2017 Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology International Forum, which will focus on after market service of new aircraft in China such as B787-9, A320neo, C919, ARJ21. The topics will including after-sales service strategy, network maintenance and support system construction, service data accumulation and monitoring, supply chain management and supply chain Shared libraries.


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News Source: ATW Daily News

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