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CAPTS2017 Post-Event Report

Jun 14,2017


CAPTS 2017 attracted over 150 delegates from governments,organizations, institutes,universities and industrial enterprises.And, CAPTS 2017 hosted nearly 30 home and abroad speakers, who delivered state of the art keynote speeches and joined the lively panel discussion.According to the forecast, in the next 10 years, the global turbofan/turbojet engine accumulative total demand will exceed 73600 units,worth over USD 416 billion; total demand for turboshaft exceed 34,000 units, worth over USD 19 billion; turboprop engine total demand exceeds 1.6 million units, worth over USD 15 billion; piston engine cumulative total demand over 33,000 units, accounting for more than 60% of the general aviation power market, worth USD 30 billion. At the same time, the domestic trunk liner market demand for large turbofan engine total amount exceed 6000 units, worth more than USD 50 billion, also the opening of low-altitude airspace will further stimulate the general-purpose plane on the vortex shaft, piston engine needs.

After the plan of Made in China 2025 and Five Aero Engine Demonstration Project issued, aero engine industry is expected to obtain above one hundred billion Yuan special funds to support the domestic aero engine R&D and manufacturing. Combined with the matching funds,there will be more than 200 billion Yuan to support aero engine in the next five years. Under this strong support of policies and funding, aero engine industry will step into the historical opportunity.

Hosted by Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics and organized by Galleon, China Aerospace Propulsion Technology Summit 2017 has been held on May 24th-25th, 2017 in Shenyang,China. CAPTS 2017 attracted over 150 delegates from governments,organizations, institutes, universities and industrial enterprises.And, CAPTS 2017 hosted nearly 30 home and abroad speakers, who delivered state of the art keynote speeches and joined the lively panel discussion. These expert speakers showed cutting edge topics such as, Made in China 2025 and Aero Engine, Thinking of New Type Aero Engine Demand, Application of Additive Manufacturing to Aero Engine,Testing and Certification of Innovative Materials for Aero Engine, etc...

CAPTS 2017 also featured one to one meeting and exhibition in order to try its best to make delegates informative. We are delighted to express that this years summit has deeper impression not only because it has gathered almost global leading enterprises in aero engine manufacturing industry but also it has discussed valuable topics. We would like to thank CAPTS 2017s hosts, sponsors, association and media partners.

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