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China's aircraft engine gets a lift

Sep 27,2017

Ukrainian manufacturer brings its expertise to a joint venture in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area.


China is working with Ukraine on an industrial park for building aircraft engines, a joint venture expected to extensively boost China's research, development and production capabilities in the specialized field, according to project insiders.


Chongqing Skyrizon Aero-Propulsion Industrial Park, which broke ground in late 2015, will cover 5 square kilometers in the Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, and involves an investment of 20 billion yuan ($3.04 billion; 2.53 billion euros; 2.25 billion).


The park's investors are Beijing Skyrizon Aviation Industry Investment Co, the only private aeronautical engine company in China; and Ukraine's Motor Sich Joint Stock Co, one of the world's largest aircraft engine manufacturers.


In the initial stage, they will jointly produce Ukrainian-designed engines. Later on, the companies will use the park to jointly develop and manufacture new engines such as turboshaft, turboprop and turbofan models, says Wang Guangqiu, executive vice-president of the Skyrizon Innovation Institute, Skyrizon's research wing.


The first engine testing equipment in the park has been installed and is ready for trial operations. The first assembly plants have been built, which means the first phase of construction is complete, Wang told China Daily in an interview on the sidelines of the 17th China Aviation Expo, which opened in Beijing on Sept 19.


The 17th China Aviation Expo is hosted by Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC) and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC). As a subsidiary of AECC, AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd (ACAE) is the executor of China domestic commercial aero engine project CJ-1000. In order to accelerate the development of CJ-1000 project, ACAE will co-organized 2017 Commercial Aero Engine Shanghai International Forum on December 5th - 6th, in Jiaxing, China.


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