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Jetliner Engine CJ1000A Passes Concept Design Appraisal

Jan 12,2018

Program of the research and development of Jetliners' engine CJ1000A passed the concept design appraisal organized by departments like Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Civil Aviation Administration of China(CAAC), The National Defense Technology Industry Bureau and so on.

CJ1000A is the first Chinese Jetliner Engine that possesses completely independent intellectual property right. Suitable for Chinese First Jetliner C919, the high bypass ratio turbofan engine strictly follows the civil aviation airworthiness standards and its noise and emission meet the requirement of current airworthiness rules. The whole performance aims to compete with the most advanced Leap Engine at present. The program is divided into 5 phases, including requirement analysis and definition, concept design, preliminary design, detail design and test and verification. The success in concept design appraisal indicates that passing through technical identification stage, the program of Chinese Jetliner power plant enters into engineering developing stage.

What further requirements and needs of this project would it comes out be in the future? Is there any opportunities for outside vendors to join this enormous project and do their good to the process? The answer is definitely for you find out in the upcoming Commercial Aero Engine Shanghai International Forum 2018 on 15th to 16th in May next year, where chief officers from AECC CAE will explain their future plan on engineering stage of this long-lasting project to bring it to a new level.

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