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China Completes Assembly of First CJ-1000AX Demonstrator Engine

Jan 12,2018

The first CJ-1000AX demonstrator engine finished assembly in Shanghai on December 25, 2017, marking the establishment of the first test platform for Chinese civil high bypass ratio turbofan engine and laying a solid foundation for the upcoming research and development.

1.95 meters in diameter and 3.29 meters in length, CJ-1000AX is developed by Commercial Aircraft Engine Co. ltd., affiliated to Aero Engine Corporation of China. Consisting of 35 thousand parts, including fan/compressor, core engine, low-pressure turbine, accessory drive casing device and so on, the engine's complex structure is difficult to build. Thus the company adopted "main manufacturer-supplier" mode, combining with 24 companies to finish the task.

Going through 18 months' tough work and making breakthrough in several key technologies, like 3D printed fuel nozzle of combustion chamber and horizontal assembly of large-diameter and long-axis units, the test model was finally complete.

In the upcoming Commercial Aero Engine Shanghai International Forum 2018 ,where they will have speakers from AECC CAE deliver a speech on the topic of Exploring the Engineering Developing Process of CJ1000A,sharing their achievements and seeking for deepening cooperation for their upcoming research and development. 

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