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CAAC Holds a Work Meeting on Fully Advancing the Implementation of ADS-B Operation

Feb 9,2018

CAAC's Work Meeting on Fully Advancing the Implementation of ADS-B Operation was held in Urumqi, Xinjiang on December 12, 2017, which marks that ADS-B application has entered the stage of full operation in China. CAAC Deputy Administrator Wang Zhiqing attended the meeting. He underscored that the whole industry shall continue to prioritize safety and efficiency improvement, be confident and bold to make innovations, leverage technical means to enhance ATM support capabilities so as to provide a strong technical support for improving ATM operational efficiency.


Wang Zhiqing pointed out that accelerating the development and application of new technologies including ADS-B is a necessary choice for the industry in its current development stage and an inevitable way to effectively mitigate resource shortage, guarantee flight safety and improve operational efficiency, which is of great significance to ensure continuous and healthy development of civil aviation. In the new era, the technological advancement and innovation of ATM system shall conform to needs for development and serve the national strategy; focus on the core technologies in an effort to build a civil aviation power; and improve safety and efficiency based on operational conditions.


Wang Zhiqing raised several requirements at the meeting. Firstly, the industry shall attach great importance to the implementation of ADS-B operation while ensuring operational safety and strengthening organizational leadership. Secondly, the industry shall make a good top-level design, integrate ADS-B into the air traffic operation system with Chinese characteristics and effectively improve the safety level, airspace capacity and operational efficiency. Thirdly, the whole industry shall make joint efforts, each CAAC regional administration shall lead the implementation of ADS-B in areas under their respective jurisdictions, establish and improve their work mechanism for fully advancing ADS-B operation, and develop timetables and road maps for its implementation; ATMB of CAAC shall enhance their guidance and oversight on building and operation of ADS-B system; and airlines shall speed up airborne equipment installation and modification and personnel training. Fourthly, the industry shall enhance personnel qualification management and training, continue to improve staff competence, and bring into full play of benefits of new technologies. Fifthly, the industry shall create a favorable and tolerant environment for trials and errors while guaranteeing safety and establish a human-based management system to support the application of new technologies.


In recent years, CAAC has developed a plan for ADS-B development and established and refined the system of specifications and standards. ADS-B system building and preparatory work before operation have been accelerated. Equipment installation for ground stations will be accomplished by the end of 2017, laying a foundation for full implementation of ADS-B operation. In August of 2017, the pilot project for the first phase of ADS-B operation was launched in Xinjiang, which has demonstrated safe and steady flight operation, significantly reduced ATM operation intervals, and further reduction of pressure on air traffic controllers. During the pilot operation, it took Xinjiang ATM Bureau only three and half months to accomplish equipment installation, communications, on-site acceptance and flight inspection for newly-built ADS-B projects. The second phase of ADS-B operation is planned to kick off on January 4, 2018, which marks the first time for China's civil aviation industry to implement "single ADS-B control". For the next step, CAAC will gradually popularize ADS-B operation and realize nation-wide application.


The development of transportation industry is the main driving force of economic development. Under this background, the “2018 International Symposium on Air Traffic Management for Civil Aviation” will be held in Beijing on March 20th to 21st. This symposium is jointly hosted by Beihang University & Technical Committee of Avionics and Air Traffic Management, CSAA, it was officially supported by the Air Traffic Management Bureau, CAAC (ATMB).


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