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CoreAVI, Presagis & Wind River honored by Military & Aerospace Electronics 2017 Innovators Awards Program

Feb 28,2018

CoreAVI, Presagis and Wind River announced today that its UAV Ground Control Station Avionics Display with Multi-Touch and Gesture Control technology was recognized by the judges of the annual Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards program with the Platinum award. The judging panel consisted of a panel of senior third-party expert professionals.


The three companies were honored with a Platinum award for their joint effort in developing an integrated technology of an interactive Ground Control Station avionics display demonstrating touch and first-time-use of gestures within a cockpit setting for ready-for-certification environment. Combining Wind River VxWorks® RTOS foundation with CoreAVI's ArgusCoreSC Graphics Suite, the applications execute code automatically generated from Presagis' VAPS XT HMI graphics design tool, requiring no code writing.



We are honored to announce that Presagis has already confirmed to participate in the upcoming Civil Avionics International Forum 2018 as presentation sponsor, MR. Paul Jennings, Head of Operations for the Embedded Graphics Business Unit from Presagis will address a keynote speech focus on Bringing Gestures to the Modern Cockpit (The presentation will describe the development of graphical user interfaces that use gestures with tools that make this easy, efficient, certifiable, platform-agnostic, and which require no code to be written.).


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