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A new step in CR929 program

Apr 11,2018

CRAIC, the joint venture of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), has officially announced the commencement of Joint Concept Definition Phase (JCDP) within the program of CR929 aircraft development.


CRAIC General Manager Mr. Guo Bozhi emphasized that the formal commencement of JCDP is of great significance to promote the deep participation of potential suppliers in product definition, optimize airborne systems and aircraft technical concepts.


JCDP stage shall allow China and Russia joint team, together with key worldwide potential suppliers within JCDP phase of CR929 program, to perform a more thorough review of requirements to the main airborne systems: Propulsion System, Landing Gear, Environmental Control System, Avionics and others.


Chief CR929 Program Designer from Russian side Maxim Litvinov explained that this stage shall foresee more detailed analysis of technical aspect with regards to RFP Working Packages that are planned to be released by the end of 2018.


JCDP includes RFP stage during which airframer requests proposals from potential suppliers of the systems and equipments.


JCDP stage within CR929 Program doesn't include interaction in relation to the power propulsion system. As for this system, RFPs to the potential suppliers of long range wide body aircraft program were sent in December 2017 and the answer to such requests is expected to be received by the end of this May.


Completion of RFP-related procedures within the Chinese-Russian long range wide body aircraft program is expected at the end of 2019.


The establishment of this project is accelerating the process of China commercial aerospace development, the upcoming 3rd Commercial Aero Engine Shanghai International Forum is the only aero engine event that focus on the R&D and manufacturing end in China, which has been held for years with the support from AECC downstream manufactures and the whole industrial practioners. Its a premier platform for the whole industrial people to get knowledge of the Chinese market trend and seek potential opportunities.


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