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Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials and TWI launch Centre for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

May 25,2018

The Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials (BIAM) and TWI officially unveiled their new collaborative Centre for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies at TWI's HQ at Great Abington near Cambridge.


The event, which took place on 1 May 2018, saw the BIAM delegation receive a tour of the TWI site alongside a series of addresses by representatives from both companies and the Chinese Embassy in London.


Updates on both companies were offered by TWI's Director of Technology, Paul Woollin and BIAM's Vice Chief Engineer, Lu Feng. This was followed by TWI Associate Director, Steve Shi giving an introduction to the Centre of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, before addresses from Sunan Jiang, the Minister Consular of Science and Technology for the Chinese Embassy and BIAM's Executive Vice President, Yajun Wang.


Christoph Wiesner, TWI Chief Executive, told the various delegates that he was delighted with the agreement and looked forward to TWI and BIAM working together in the future.


The launch event allowed BIAM and TWI to discuss the project plans and the scope of work to be undertaken by the new centre alongside meetings between technical staff.


Aviation materials are like building materials, it is the cornerstone of the aeronautical building, in order to meet the design requirements of high weight loss and long service life for a new generation of Chinese domestic aircraft, to provide timely and reliable technical support for the engineering and model material application, the key materials must realize domestically made and realize independent innovation.


Under this background, the 6th Annual China Aeronautical Materials and Process Summit (CAMPS 2018)' will be held in the city of Chengdu on September 12th - 13th, 2018.


On behalf of the organizing committee, we sincerely invite you to participate in this Summit. Jointly promote the development of China's aeronautical materials industry.


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