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Aircraft MRO Market: Trends To Watch in 2018

Jun 12,2018

Rapid fleet expansion and MRO outsourcing are some of the major factors driving the global aircraft MRO market. As of 2016, there were more than 22,000 active commercial wide body and narrow body aircraft across the globe. The existing commercial fleets are expected to be replaced by more than 40,000 new aircraft, over the next 20 years.


The expansion of the existing commercial aircraft fleets along with the launch of new airlines, would result in increased MRO activities in the future. Hence, it is expected that the rapid fleet expansion would eventually drive the aircraft MRO market. In addition, the increased focus of OEMs on providing aircraft MRO would add funds to the market.


Air travel in emerging countries is growing, thus increasing the demand for aircraft MRO services. Many new MRO service centers have been setup in numerous countries in recently. This increases the participation of regional companies (tier-II or tier-III suppliers) in the field of aircraft MRO.


Moreover, the growing international trade between countries have increased frequencies of cargo planes. Thus, it is essential to conduct timely checks and repairs on airplanes to ensure efficient performance and safe air travel. The market is driven by various factors such as increased focus of OEMs on aircraft MRO service and rapid aircraft fleet expansion. Also, the increased need for proper maintenance of engines & components, is driving the growth of the aircraft MRO market.


Under this background, Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology International Forum(CAOSTIF) will be held on September 13th-14th in Chengdu, China. The partners will explore areas where they can leverage their strengths to help increase support availability and technical expertise for the growing operation support market in China.


Register CAOSTIF or get in touch with marketing@galleon.cc for more details.



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