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Announcement From Galleon

Jun 16,2018

Dear colleague, 

On June 15, 2018, an email titled Call for Abstracts C Civil Avionics International Forum 2019 was sent from our company with marketing@comac.cc as the sender. Since it was not the official email of Galleon, at the first time of realizing this issue, Galleon immediately looked into the reason and found that the originally designated sender marketing@galleon.cc was maliciously tampered when issuing externally through a third-party group sending mailbox platform. Galleon hereby declares that the domain name of the only official external mailbox is galleon.cc. Galleon reserves the right to legal action.

Galleon sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience brought to related organization and individual and adopts positive measures as below to eliminate the negative effects of such event as much as possible.

1. Make an external statement via email, official website (www.galleon.cc) and wechat official account (GalleonѶ) within 24 hours; principal: Jeremy CHEN-Sales Director, email: Jeremyc@galleon.cc
2. Communicate with our suppliers via email and upgrade safety level to avoid recurring; principal: Adeson XING- Operation Director, email: adesonx@galleon.cc
3. We will adopt positive measures to solve the issue brought to each receiver due to wrong information of previous email and clarify the misunderstanding; principal: Frank Li-New Business Development Director, email: frankl@galleon.cc

The wrong sender of this group sending email makes us feel incredibly sad and also exposes some problems on internal management. It makes us feel guilty. We hereby extend our sincere thanks to all colleagues and friends who have given us strong support and immediate reminder that help us to find out the reason of the problem. We are willing to undertake corresponding responsibilities. We would also greatly appreciate your advices and suggestions which could make us better.

Best regards, 

Frank Li
New Business Development Director
Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd. 

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